sábado, janeiro 01, 2005


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In the end ... a waste of time. I made a script which nicely formatted images in a new window which just fit them ... Google stopped supporting it so now it is just use "TARGET="_blank" which is shitty but all there is - one more reason to give up this stupid pastime, no quality in it.

A few notes on Pictures:
If you put your cursor over the images you should see a message telling you to "Click to Enlarge ... etc.", and if you do that, click on it, then it will pop-up enlarged.

When it comes up if you wave your cursor around over it (sometimes you have to cross over the edge of the pop-up to make it engage) you should see a little hover menu which includes an icon (the first on the left) which will let you save a copy.

If you put your cursor over the images (the small one in the blog) and right click you should see a menu which includes "Save Target As ...", select that menu item and save it where you will.

Sometimes I forget but I try to attach the source of pictures that I post embedded as Properties. Also sometimes a description. If you download a picture and want to know where it came from, right-click on it wherever you have saved it and select Properties from the drop-down menu.

Bloggerbot, R.I.P.:
So, there was Bloggerbot, not a great program, wedged into Hello by Picasa which has one of the least intuitive interfaces ... but at least you could (by dint of uploading again-and-again) eventually get thumbnails which more-or-less fit with some concept of how you wanted the page to actually look. So they take it away in favour of the Blogger native upload interface - no sizing worth speaking of, and hit-or-miss performance, no guarantees, no subtleties, no finesse. Young people today do NOT know how to build software.