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A Candle in the Wind

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Boston Globe: What next for a fractured Mexico?, (Archive).

Thursday, July 6, 2006

AM, Washington Post - Mexico Watches as Votes Are Tallied (they re-used the URL for the PM story), (but the Archive copy is still there).
PM, NYT - Calderón Wins Narrow Victory in Mexico Election, (Archive).
PM, Washington Post - Calderón Wins Mexico Presidential Election, (Archive), discussion.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarEveryone can be thankful for everyone's (obvious) confidence in this man, Luis Carlos Ugalde Ramirez, and his IFE (link in previous post); except for him ... well, who can say?

On the other hand, he too is US educated and has ties to Harvard, Chief of Staff at the Mexico's US Embassy and all that. Lots of potential fuel for conspiracy theories.

I am still wondering how either Calderón or Obrador can ultimately assume power on such a slender and incredible basis - but I guess they have the example of Mr. Bush to go on.

The northern bourgeois hand-wringers are saying things like Marcus Gee in the Globe: A very good thing for Mexico, (Archive). Not just a good thing, he says, but a 'very' good thing ... well, it looks to me like such opinions are self-serving and self-justifying on the one hand and are attempting to be self-fulfilling prophecies as well; balderdash!

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