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Rita - 4 pm Friday

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Rita 4 pm Friday - sliding a little more east again and picking up speed, sorry these two maps are not quite the same scale but it looks to be coming ashore just a tich west of the Louisiana border in Port Arthur, then Beaumont, and according to how I interpret the NOAA map, the second "H" with the "PM Sat" line going to it means that hurricane force winds > 79 mph will be maintained after it hits shore - that could be a bit scary even though (from my perspective) it is 50 or 60 miles east of Houston, lots of pople live in Lufkin, Livingston and Jasper too ...

the gusty wind is arriving in Houston, trees beginning to twist and sigh, the sky is getting dark but it is hard to tell if it is the storm or just evening, the air is still hot, the wind is hot - está chegando a furação Rita! and suddenly the cicadas are singing like mad - this one's for Gord, a T'ang dynasty poem translated by a buddhist yogi yet, the english is not perfect but it has a certain something ...:

On Cicada
To the tourist seemed sadness is surrounded,
But to the old monk nothing can be found.
I don't know what was the cicada said,
Why from hotel and temple differs its sound?

Houston Chronicle blog
This is the best link I have seen for up-to-date information on Rita.

George Bush Airport

Highway near airport.

Houston Evacuation Night

Houston Evacuation - this was I-45 North near I-610 on Wednesday evening.

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