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Baby Seals (again, again, again)

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Sunday September 17, 2006

15/09/06, Mark Critch, ‘The problem with seal clubbing’, quite a humourous take on it all.

Tuesday March 28, 2006

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Here we are, and by 'we' I mean the environmental left (when you stop laughing I will continue ...), with a very real main event in the offing around CO2 buildup in the atmosphere, and all of this energy is being squandered on a sideshow.

What the protestors and their media friends are doing is a child's game - provoke the big bad newfie red-neck sealers and see if we can get them to ram us and make some press, increase our bandwidth, blah blah blah. A very expensive sideshow I might add.

I know what it feels like to be so freaked out that you have to focus on any do-able thing simply to keep on keepin' on. Is that what this sealing protest is about? Are these people, who are in a position to be both informed about and freaked by global warming, indulging in some kind of psychological displacement or transference or the like? That would be the best face I could put on this farce. Keystone cops, Abbot and Costello, The Three Stooges - none of 'em have anything on this lot. I suppose the rank and file and pew sitters who must be financing this are doing the same thing - fiddling while Rome burns.

Click to EnlargeWhat do Brigitte Bardot, Paul McCartney and his good wife, Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson have in common? Think about it. Paul McCartney doesn't know where he is upon the earth; Brigitte Bardot weeps; and Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson ... I'll leave it to you. It is certainly neither intellectual acumen nor moral authority. Are these people leaders? Is this crowd actually following these self-indulgent creeps into seal Jihad spectacle? Giving a great big hakapik to the oil barons and their media consultants in the process, doing damage to what little credibility the 'environmental movement' has got with the muggles.

Blows the mind ...

Meanwhile kids, back at the ranch, there are problems that righteous stupidity, an orange survival suit and a helicopter will not solve. Maybe it's too late already. Yeah I know the seals are cute. I know some cute people and I would like to think about their children's children and this ain't helping. Dig it.

I was looking for a really juicy slot (oops), I meant juicy shot (oops) of our two-boob-job Pam from Canada and realized that this was sorta fun but a waste of time. Sorry. (In the end I couldn't resist a picture of her with $ in silver sequins on her crotch and her twice-inflated tits - there you go, feet of clay.)

Wednesday March 22, 2006

Click to EnlargeBrigitte Bardot is back at it in Ottawa - it looks to me like it is her own cute little baby-seal-hood that she is mourning.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargeBeatles and baby seals, baby seals and beatles, oh my. Well, I watched the Larry King show ... A debate it wasn't; and, 'Lady' McCartney she ain't! A bit of a one-note samba: "rubbish!", she says, "Rubbish! RUBBISH!" Not an easy thing to get a word in, which would be ok if she had anything to say - but, "don't confuse me with facts" she might have said. Michael Moore hasn't got a stroke on this lot. Danny Williams should never have agreed to waste his time on them. I drove across town in a snowstorm to catch it (I don't have cable), left before it was over, disgusted.

A-And I guess there is more to an old man having a young wife than I thought - if she happens to be a shrew of little brain.

Larry King learned something - how to pronounce Newfoundland; Paul learned something - he was in Prince Edward island not Newfoundland. Heather didn't learn much, but I don't say she ever has.

Was it just last year? two years ago? that we had the hambourgeoisette Paris Hilton with her "Club Sandwiches not Seals"? Does she really like those hamburgers do you think? Or is she just in it for the money and attention?

Then I read the Saturday Globe and found these few words from Rex Murphy: Globe: Rex Murphy - Yesterday's hero, today's hypocrite. There were a few letters to the Globe editor on both sides, bit of a surprise to me to see that, or maybe the Globe was indulging in even-handedness, hard to say.

Friday, March 3, 2006

There was a cartoon, years ago, done by the son of a friend of mine, depicting two Newfoundland fishermen in sou-westers on an ice floe bashing television sets with their clubs. It was funny; I wish I had a copy to post.

Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargeNow we have SIR Paul McCartney and his young wife Heather out on the ice saving the cute little baby seals. The joke's on Paul, he is years late, we already had Brigitte Bardot (and she was prettier), and he is just waaaay offside; somebody get the hook! One of the headlines read, "Thin ice might hamper McCartney seal protest" - thin ice indeed!

What a cute seal! There are hundreds of these on the web - getting Paul and Heather and the seal just-so took a few minutes apparently - rascally seal tried to bite her when she went to pet it - Ingrate!

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I could not get a good copy of the Globe cartoon on-line, but I have a print copy; the caption on the helicopter reads, "Paul McCartney NO Seal Hunt", the box is labelled, "Beatles CDs", and the briefcase, "D. Williams Premier: Nfld."

Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargeBut the joke is not over yet, no, more to come; I just Googled to get his wife's name correctly and discovered that Oh Danny Boy is going to debate SIR Paul on TV tonight! CNN's Larry King Live, 9:00 PM ET (could they not say, "and 9:30 in Newfoundland" fer gawd's sake!) I guess Danny wants to meet the star, to get his Warhol 15 minutes and so forth; until now I might have said it should be the other way around. It would be a laugh if McCartney bested him in the debate, not much chance I would say; Danny Williams QC, LLB. and all'a that.

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Some great stuff on your blog old bean - just to let you know that there aren't too many ladies left in England ;-)