domingo, setembro 25, 2005

Architectural Photographs

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Up, Down.

Digital Imaging Project: Art historical images of European and North American architecture and sculpture at Bluffton College, Ohio.

a wonderful collection of photographs with a complete index by architect, an excellent resource ...

the curator, Mary Ann Sullivan, says:
I teach at Bluffton College, a Mennonite liberal arts college which stresses the ideals of social justice, service, and pacifism. Although I am not a Mennonite, I share these values. While I have never done voluntary service in third world countries or worked in obvious ways to further these goals, I am gratified that I get so many e-mails from those in countries where expensive art books are unavailable, where libraries are limited, and where budgets are so meager that travel around the world is impossible. In my small way I hope to make some educational resources available to those in these conditions. I believe that those of us in wealthy countries with personal means have an obligation to share resources. For me, the great advantage of the web is that it helps to eliminate some of these inequities.