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nasty rhetoric

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Up, Down.

"... resulting radiation illnesses, though, weren't as bad as expected ..."

"... surprisingly low mortality figures ..."

"... only 46 deaths came about due to radiation exposure ..."

and so forth ... this is daemonic journalism: the 'facts' are all relatives of relatives of relatives, not lies exactly but small threads taken out of context and spun for all they are worth - and the message is (all nicely painted green), (it seems to me):

Calm yourselves, we are going to be building large numbers of nuclear power plants in the next years to offset global climate change ... but it is all going to be OK.

Trust us, we are from the government and we are here to HELP you.

(a-and, oh yes, 'The cheque is in the mail,' and 'I won't come in your mouth.')

Matthias Schulz, Nuclear Exaggeration,
     Part 1: Is Atomic Radiation as Dangerous as We Thought?.
     Part 2: Atomic Dangers or Doomsday Folklore?.

more on this shortly maybe if I can find out where he is coming from ...
also this ... subtler but ... nasty too

Mark Landler, Sweden Turns to a Promising Power Source, With Flaws, Source.

Oh well, I can't find out anything much about Matthias Schulz - common name, a few candidates but no one clearly claiming this twisted point-of-view, just some Spiegel hack I guess - who cares?

And truth-be-told I have very little energy for this anymore - it doesn't really 'work'. Neither the technology nor the software nor the process is contributing; neither to me, to the exchange of ideas, to positive change - that I can see at least, unless you happen to be johnny-on-the-spot with a video camera.

This is a windfarm mear Malmo, Sweden, and below is Arne Floderus, the 'architect'.

Actually he is a Vatenfall Project Manager, who knows - but he looks ... 'satisfied' sort of - in a grim scandinavian way.

Anyway, these pictures give me hope; that's it.

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Posted novembro 28, 2007 7:04 PM by Blogger Margarida V /  

the world is crazy!!