quarta-feira, outubro 31, 2007

Cães de Guerra

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Up, Down.

Cães de Guerra
: What happened to the kid General Hudson?
: The trauma of a whole generation.
: No one leaves comments on his blog, Colonel.

The cat's in the well and the servant is at the door.
The drinks are ready and the dogs are going to war.

     Bob Dylan, Cat's in the Well, 1990.

"They make it easier for Sudan to take credit for announcing cease-fires that it has no intention of honoring, agreeing to peacekeepers that it has no intention of cooperating with and attending peace conferences that have no realistic possibility of bringing peace. Meanwhile, the genocide goes on."
     NYT Editorial November 1, Playing Sudan’s Game, Source.

"We feel that with the ground sinking and the sea water rising, Bangkok will be under water in the next 15 to 20 years — permanently."
     Smith Dharmasaroja, Bangkok gets that sinking feeling, Bangkok Post, November 3 2007., Source.

"And efforts to close the regulatory gap must overcome one particularly thorny issue: some uncertified companies accused of selling counterfeit drugs are owned by the government itself."
     NYT, Chinese Chemicals Flow Unchecked Onto World Drug Market, October 31, Source.