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polemic, adjective and noun:
A. adjective - Of the nature of, exhibiting, given to, or relating to dispute or controversy; contentious, disputatious, combative; polemical.
B1. noun - A controversial argument; a strong verbal or written attack on a person, opinion, doctrine, etc.; (as a mass noun) writing or opinion of this kind. Also: (in singular and plural) aggressive debate or controversy; the practice of engaging in such debate.
B2. noun - A person who argues or writes in opposition to another, or who takes up a controversial position; a controversialist; polemicist.
B3. noun, in plural (rare) - Poetical or other literary discourse dealing with war.

compare with conversation, noun:
7. Interchange of thoughts and words; familiar discourse or talk.

(Imagine! There were 6 other definitions before the one I had in mind ... this is a flaw in the OED thinks I ...)