segunda-feira, junho 02, 2008

making sense

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Up, Down.

the fundamental human activity is making sense; in both ways of 'making', that is: creating sense out of the chaos of perception, and then communicating the result more-or-less effectively, be it positive (this makes sense to me) or negative (I can't make sense of this)

Cohen's 'blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold and overturned the order of the soul' is nothing more than the standard human condition viewed from one stance, nothing new in it; and pretentious materialist claptrap from another - else there is an 'order' inherent in the soul d'you think?

that order would have to be God, or whatever convenient term you care to use for transcendence and/or immanence and related experiences, and it would be less an explicit specific structure than a drive towards or a desire for order

the human quality that permits sense-making is precisely sympathy, empathy, compassion, mercy, what you will - and at the high end it is the ability to see the world through another's eyes, stand in someone else's shoes

that, and the will to communicate