domingo, outubro 09, 2005

Amazonas - Pogo

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We have met the enemy and he is us
This is far too simplistic of course, and misleading, and tending to promote guilt and other unhealthy manifestations.   Nonetheless, Pogo, because he is so humble and clear, does not offend, and it is just as well for each of us to have our own standing order against guilt trips.   His striped pajamas remind me of Charlie Chaplin and Roberto Begnini.   And anyway, is there not an idea that we are in some sense the eyes and hands of Himself?

Not to mention the misdirection of information  -  I have a nagging suspicion coming out of a total lack of any photos whatsoever of the actual Amazon itself, all dried up and shrivelled from its former hugeness (as I imagine).   And it is the dry season just now as well  -  hummmm ... could it be that I have taken myself in ...(?)

Pogo, Earth Day 1971, maybe it was March 20, or maybe April 22, who knows ... March 21 maybe ...