domingo, junho 25, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

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Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarAn Inconvenient Truth.

First, I bought the book, because I did not think that the movie would actually come here, and I was disappointed. How can you make a book with no table of contents and no index?

Then, the movie did show up here, so I took my son to see it last night.

Al Gore weaves into this film some of the threads of his life, he makes it a personal story. I realized as I watched that this is an American trait - which I share with him somehow, my father being an American too. He does manage to avoid a major pitfall of this approach - descending into mere sentiment - but at the same time fails to bring himself into focus - a bit too slick, still hedging on his own importance.

There are many shots of him moving through airports. He says he has "given this slideshow thousands of times". I empathize. Maybe he needs an army of lovely young nubiles to present it for him rather than always doing it himself.

There were only a dozen or two in the theatre. Saturday night. This is not a blockbuster for sure. But there were enough people for the silence to be palpable when he mentioned Kyoto defaulters and did not mention Canada - obviously the film was made before Canada copped out.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarThat said, I was moved to think of writing dire threats to Canadian politicians or maybe painting something large and lurid on the front of my house to challenge my neighbours. Of course I would not be completely ignored and would soon have to explain to some RCMP woman at my door that, no, I am not a muslim, it was rhetorical, blah blah blah, and still they might hang me for it. So I will make no dire threats. In any event it would do no good. St. John's does not even have a public recycling program - a very model of bourgeois complacency.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarHe did not bring Nuclear into it at all, not once, not even to negate it, good on 'im. His solution, which seems impossible but which is obviously the only to accomplish it, is to talk to people one at a time and convince them to change their ways. When it is accomplished it will have been done just this way.

Like Betinho's story: There was a fire in the forest and while all the animals ran in fear, a little hummingbird went from the river to the fire carrying drops of water in her beak. The lion, seeing this, asked the hummingbird, "O Hummingbird, do you think you will succeed in putting out the fire all by yourself?" And the hummingbird replied, "I do not know if I will succeed or not, but I am doing my part".

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