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Organ 'Harvesting' in China

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Wednesday August 30 2006

30/08/06, Geoffrey York, Chinese dissident disputes organ-harvest allegations, (Archive).

Friday July 7 2006

American and Canadian governments have been saying for decades, "We must first open trade in order to move China on human rights later." Everyone knew it was malarkey.

The scale of it makes me gasp - 40,000 transplants, that would have to be on the order of 10,000 people. The mind-numbing calculus cuts in eh? Rule of thumb, how many bits can you get from a dead body? Answer, I have no idea, 2 is probably low, so let's say 4 ... Taking corneas from living people. Do they take one or two? Do they leave their victims blind?

I remember a movie ... Seconds, with Rock Hudson, pretty scary then, worse now.

Recent Globe articles: (Archive)
      July 6, Globe, China harvesting organs, Canadians say.
      July 7, Globe, Shadow falls on 41,500 transplants.

At the centre at the moment are David Matas and David Kilgour.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarREPORT INTO ALLEGATIONS OF ORGAN HARVESTING OF FALUN GONG PRACTITIONERS IN CHINA
   Details: David Kilgour's site.
   Media Release: (.doc MS Word).
   Report: (.pdf Adobe).
   Appendices: (.pdf Adobe).

Sickening - but of course, it had to be happening; and not only in China - Brazil, India, Russia ...

Organs Watch NGO / Nancy Scheper-Hughes.

There is a vocabulary of euphemism: 'vulnerable population', 'compensated gifting'. (can't go on for now ... later)

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Posted julho 10, 2006 3:00 AM by Blogger bobby fletcher /  

I read Kilgour's Falun Gong report and I am very dissatisfied with his lack of impartiality evident in this one-sided investigation:

1) Kilgour can not divorce himself from the fact his investigation is sponsored by a Falun Gong group in Washington DC that is evidently POLITICAL, as the vilification they heaped on the Chinese government, unrelated to this allegation, demonstrates - such as "The Nine
Commentaries" and "10 million peple quit the CCP" political propaganda ahead of the Chinese leader's stateside visit.

2) The report failed to account for many contrarian facts that have brought question to Falun Gong's claims, that are freely available outside China. Not going to China does not absolve him of his duty to critically examine ALL evidence:

* Two US government investigations started as early as 2nd week of March, independently found the allegation not credible;

* Other media investigations, including Hong Kong newspaper Takunpao with circulation in Canada also found the allegation not credible. FYI Takunpao lost their government subsidies after they reported critically on Tiananmen Square Massacre.

* Other experts have doubted Falun Gong's claim, including Harry Wu of Laogai Research Foundation;

* Malaysian government's prior year visit to the alleged camp, which is a joint-venture and has been open to the public for years;

* Epoch Times' rehashing of old, unrelated stories and mis-representing autopsy photo that do not prove torture or vivisection. The fact the photo show autopsy being performed and murder investigation held by the Chinese government proves the opposite.

Clear Wisdom's original report on Wang Bin(2000) and Liu Yufeng(2005) had no mention of organ harvesting, yet years later these stories are rehashed in Epoch Times' 2006 organ harvesting accusation.

(Citations available in my blog)

While China's human rights records should be examined, writing allegory of "Schindler's List" is not the way. If we in the west can not be precise with our accusation, why should anyone take what we say seriousely?

Posted julho 10, 2006 4:06 AM by Blogger David Wilson /  

interesting points, thanks for the comment, i am new to the issue, i have a certain amount of confidence in kilgour, that's about my point of view for now, i will have a look at your blog

Posted julho 12, 2006 8:18 PM by Anonymous Zak /  

The more news I read about China, the more I am happy I live in a place where the Communism is already dead. Harvesting organs from live people for money is truly inhuman. It is clear for me that this kind of thing is really happening nowadays in China, and probably few other countries as well. It seems that the whole process is managed by high ranking officials in the Chinese government.

In my country, a former communist East European country, there were really horrible human right violations. The government had few labour camps mainly for killing and reforming political prisoners. The so called political prisoners were just people that had the courage to speak about different things that were not in line with the government propaganda. The labour they did was meaningless, e.g. moving heavy rocks from one place to another and moving them back on the next day. People that were hard to transform were killed in a very cruel manner like to be eaten by the pigs alive. So I am sad similar things are happening nowadays.

I read the post of the blogger Bobby, and I have few comments about it: Saying that David Kilgour is somehow sponsored by the victims of this organ harvesting - be it Falun Gong, Chinese democrats or whoever - is just absurd. Corruption is not characteristic of people who had truly devoted their live to freedom and democracy. On the other hand Bobby seems quite familiar with the issue and tries to convince us that this gross human rights violation is not happening in China. I have a question to Bobby: Are you Chinese, as I could not get it from your picture? What I actually mean is aren't you somehow related to the Chinese Communist Party...

Posted julho 14, 2006 2:43 PM by Anonymous Brad T. /  

Bobby Fletcherrrrrrrrrrrrr,


It's you, again, and again, and again...

Jumping from blogs to blogs, demonising the Falun Gong, sometimes using the name "Sunday Service in Xinzheng".

If I have to repeat what I said before in other blogs, so be it as I can see that your above comments are the same with the ones in

What’s with you & your hatred for the Falun Gong till you travel everywhere to demonise them?

As a matter of fact, you demonise every issues that, or persons who, exposes the crimes of communism. I wonder if that makes you an accomplice to the communists?

I’ve read the report by David Kilgour & David Matas. Seems to be most impartial (compared to the Chinese communist regime’s denial and demonising Kilgour, Matas & the Falun Gong right on the same day without proper & thorough investigation, especially with regards to such serious allegations - shame on the communists!).

Bobby Fletcher said “Mr. Kilgour can not divorce himself from the fact his investigation is sponsored by a Falun Gong group in Washington DC…”.

Well Bobby, do feel free to prove how you came to this conclusion, mate! Your statement hasn’t proven anything really.

9 Commentaries & Quit the CCP - I’m glad you brought that up. Try “Mao: The Unknown Story” by Joan Chang & “The Black Book of Communism” presented in the European Parliament … more options to better understand the crimes committed by the communists and the unnatural death rates caused by the communists during peace-time.

Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament and designated rapporteur for the EU’s new Democracy and Human Rights Instrument, went to China to investigate and found that the Falun Gong suffered persecution in the hands of the communists.

…but the communists said it’s not true…

Kilgour & Matas applied for visas to China for this investigation.

… but Mr Sun from the Chinese embassy denied visas to them, not surprisingly, as the communists were only interested in refuting the allegations as quickly as possible…

The report by the US government investigators ended with the mentioning of their concern for the on-going persecution of Falun Gong & allegations of organ harvesting.

…& Bobby only half told the truth here by saying that they found no evidences.

Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, ABC & quite some Aussie major media organisations reported on the Kilgour & Matas report. For eg, please visit

(BBC did a fine job too)

…& Bobby only mentions 1 Takunpao.

For Laogai Research Foundation’s report on this matter, please visit (& links to reponses from Kilgour/Matas & the Chinese embassy in Canada were IMPARTIALLY attached along with the report). Please also visit

…& Bobby went so low to lie about Harry Wu’s response to the issue - Shame on you, Bobby, Shame!

The Ministry of Health Malaysia report can be found at, which was so kindly provided by Bobby in other blogs. The Malaysian Government mentioned that it was a clinical trial titled, “A multi-center, open label trial to demonstrate the clinical effectiveness and safety of combined Traditional Chinese and Modern medicines in patients with recent stroke”. Nothing at all to do with organs (or harvesting).

…& Bobby tried so hard to mislead everyone with his above simple statement, “Malaysian government’s prior year visit to the alleged camp, which is a joint-venture and has been open to the public for years”.

I mean, c’mon Bobby, you reckon the Malaysian government wants to be involved in criminal activities such as organ harvesting for profit scheme organised by the communists?

Bobby, if you’d notice the top of the document states:
Property of CRC, Ministry of Health Malaysia.
May not be used, divulged, published or otherwise disclosed without the consent of Clinical Research Centre, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

I wonder how you got this document & illegally publish it on

Last but not least, the fact that older photos by the Epoch Times showing sewn-up dead bodies, what you call “rehashing of old, unrelated stories …”, are photos when the world did not know of such organ harvesting for profit exists. Nevertheless, the bodies looked tortured & mangled. Now the world knows why the bodies were flatter and sewn-up all over.

China’s human rights records definitely should be examined & allegory of “Schindler’s List” has already been proven to be true.

If we in the world, east & west, still close our eyes to such atrocities, such “a form of evil we have yet to see on this planet” as was well said by David Matas (one of the Canadian invetigators), such depraved way of making money by forcefully harvesting the organs of unwilling “donors”, and not understanding that communism will always bring about sufferings to humankind, then the victims, ultimately, will be our children, if not ourselves.

When that occurs, there will be no one left to take us seriously.

If there’s nothing to hide, why the rejection of visas to the investigators? If there’s nothing to hide, why the censorship & Golden Shield?

Why not let the investigators in and prove the Falun Gong wrong, since that’s what the communist regime had been looking forward to anyway.

And…why is it only communist China claiming Falun Gong to be so-called “dangerous”? Why not the other countries around the world where Falun Gong exist? They don’t seem to have problems with Falun Gong, but only the communist regime in China.

Charity begins at home, Bobby.

And the World is Our Home.