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Friday February 2 2007

IPCC Summary (pdf), and a good discussion: Real Climate on the IPCC Summary.

02/02/07, Marco Evers, An End to Green Romanticism: Environmental Guru Lovelock Urges Expansion of Nuclear Energy - Part I & Part II, (Archive).

Monday January 29 2007

A-and what do the dinosaurs do?

Go with Ad Hominem arguments against Stephane Dion, natch - the dipsticks!
29/01/07, Steven Chase, Wary Tories rip Dion in TV ad blitz, (Archive).

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarI am not even going to bother clipping for this - the attack ads (understandably) do not go over well; soooo they cut some kind of amorphous deal with the NDP on climate. Losers on both sides! If they had aligned with the Greens on climate change ... but of course they could not do that because the Greens would certainly suggest something substantive that would stand a chance of actually doing something - can't have that, no, might affect PetroCanada's bottom line. Bone heads!

Somebody has to tell John Baird that a green tie is not enough.

A-and they pressure Frazer into firing her environmental lieutenant ... DUMB!
Here is her report (until they trash it): 2006 Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development.

A-and Stephen Harper is revealed: 31/01/07, Brian Laghi, Harper sought money for 'Battle of Kyoto', (Archive).

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Part I of their 2007 report will be oficially published February 2. Even the Table of Contents is daunting:
   I The Physical Science Basis - Contents (.pdf), release February 2.
   II Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability - Contents (.pdf), release April 5.
   III Mitigation of Climate Change - Contents (.pdf), release May 4.

We will depend no doubt on sites such as Real Climate for evaluation and criticism.

Some early details from the Globe: 31/01/07, Martin Mittelstaedt, The fallout of global warming: 1,000 years, (Archive).

Saturday January 27 2007

Tide is turning, that is ...

Bahá'í: World peace is inevitable.

- Editorial, Hot on the environment ..., (Archive).
- Edward Greenspon, It's crystal clear ..., (Archive).
- Rex Murphy, And now politicians will fix the weather?, (Archive).
- Margaret Wente, Climate change a 'questionable truth', (Archive).
- Jeffrey Simpson, Climate-change scoffers have seen their day, (Archive).

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