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Kerry Emanuel: Phaeton’s Reins

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It is almost 7pm in Montréal, Québec. The left coast is blogging and the Google servers are straining under the load ...

So for now just this: Kerry Emanuel: Phaeton’s Reins, The human hand in climate change, (Archive), Source & some intelligent discussion.

The important notion here for me, what caught me and kept me reading to the end; is the two ideas of stability, both flawed. An antidote to what I was thinking around Orwell the other day? I don't know ... maybe.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarThis is Icarus son of Dedalus not Phaeton son of Helios/Phoebus, but still ...

A view from k-k-Canada; and one of the US:
23/01, Jeffrey Simpson, The silence of big business on climate change is deafening, (Archive).
23/01/07, Justin Webb, Bush 'must fight climate change', (Archive).

Compare & contrast?

See also: US Climate Action Partnership USCAP, and their report: A Call for Action.

They say: "We are committed to a pathway that will slow, stop and reverse the growth of U.S. emissions while expanding the U.S. economy."

Finally, I watched Bush's State of the Union speech on TV last night. I had to laugh. A smug supercilious twit mouthing words he clearly had no connection with, pausing at each line to receive one standing ovation after another; some kind of queeerly inverted applause-o-meter? A ritual of some kind? How could anyone with anything upstairs partake? But partake they did ... I even caught a glimpse of Patrick Leahy smiling. I used to read these documents (see State of the Union) and more-or-less took them seriously. Silly man! I see now that I had no idea of what was going on.

Spiegel: State of the Union 2007 - The full text of Bush's speech.

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