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evidence of something ...

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Click to Enlarge / Click para Aumentar"Mr. Ritchie, who does not use a computer or watch television, ..."

Robert Matas on Peter Ritchie, defence lawyer for Robert Picton, (Archive).

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"Well, I don't see why not, ..."

Globe editorial on Stéphane Dion, Liberal Opposition Leader, on including Elizabeth May in televised leaders' debates, (Archive).

Stéphane Dion Liberal Campaign website.

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"It's mostly to stay current and get a chance to be out on the line, watching what's going on."

Brent Jang on Donald Bell, WestJet Airlines Ltd. co-founder, (Archive).

WestJet website.

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"Ethanol is a bridge to nowhere. You can't produce ethanol in North America without increasing natural gas imports from outside North America since it takes 36,000 BTUs of natural gas to produce a gallon of ethanol." (paraphrased)

Neil Reynolds on Matthew Wald, New York Times science writer, (Archive).

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“I think when the Canadian government was elected, the present one, their intention was to kick the whole climate-change issue into the long grass, basically,”

Bill Curry on Elliot Morley, British special envoy on global warming, (Archive).

Elliot Morley in Wikipedia, Elliot Morley website, and Elliot Morley, another website.

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“Canadians are convinced that it's real because they touch it. Secondly, people know that the life of conspicuous consumption is out of control. They've been hearing it long enough.”

Brian Laghi on Allan Gregg, pollster, (Archive).

Allan Gregg, Another View - his blog, Allan Gregg in Wikipedia.

A-and then there are the dinosaurs ...

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"There will be specifics of the exact storage ... but you're going to have to wait."

Richard Blackwell on Gary Lunn, Minister of Natural Resources, (Archive).

Mr. Lunn told reporters after his speech that he also supports the idea of using a nuclear reactor to replace the natural gas that is currently required to generate power and steam used in the extraction of petroleum from the Alberta oil sands.

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As for the environment, he said: "I think they will need to discuss among themselves and then explain to Canadians why they have suddenly had this remarkable epiphany. It was only in December when Mr. Harper was referring disparagingly to 'so-called climate change.'"

Ralph Goodale on Stephen Harper, (Archive).

Ralph Goodale at Parliament, & Constituency Office.

I emailed him to know the source of his quote but have had no response.

A-and finally: these links will be gone soon; in any event the headlines tell the story:
BBC: Last-ditch bid to avert British Airways strike over pay and sick leave.
BBC: Ford hit by record $12.7 billion loss.

Well, maybe one more: 25/01/07, Gary Mason, Living large on a small planet, (Archive), from one man who seems to me to be doing his bit.

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