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Modest Proposals

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Saturday July 28 2007

27/07/07, Rebecca Dube, Vancouver's garbage strike has a green lining, Source.

Saturday July 14 2007

Fábrica licenciada pela Feema será inaugurada em Resende.

Mark BentFriday May 24 2007

25/05/07, NYT Editorial, Lighting the Way, Source.

SunNight, BoGoLight.

Saturday April 28 2007

21/04/07, NYT Editorial, Pacific Miracles, Source.

Börnsen Walter Heisch Joachim ReulandSaturday April 21 2007

A story from the Canadian press about Canterbury; under the 'Science' banner but sadly including no 'science'; oh well:
19/04/07, Paul Majendie, Wild horses invited to lunch, Source.

A-and a couple of middle-aged German gentlemen standing in a field with middle fingers pointed at (what seems to me to be, generally) the culprit) big energy business; Good on 'em!:
20/04/07, Nils Klawitter, Asterix vs. The Romans - A German Town Tries to Live Without Big Energy, Source.

"We can be insufferable when we work together."

Roses for NangarharTuesday April 10 2007

10/04/07, Christopher Smallwood, Buying the poppy crop could put paid to Afghan problem.
Roses for Nangarhar - German Agro Action / Deutsche Welthungerhilfe.

Monday April 09 2007

Use oysters to clean up pollution? 09/04/07, Rowan Jacobsen, Restoration on the Half Shell, Source.

Tuesday April 03 2007

"The brave new energy world may be the last chance for us not to be forced to walk backwards down the path to apehood."

02/04, Philip Bethge & Christian Wüst, Time for a Revolution: Part 1 - Ways to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe / Part 2 - Wasting Resources, Source, Technorati.

Not really a 'revolution'; just the realization that while there is no Silver Bullet to immediately solve all the problems around climate change, there are lots of small initiatives that can help.

Optimistic Notes:

Good news from the USA:
   NYT Editorial, The Court Rules on Warming, Source.

Garbage Taxes in k-k-k-Canada:
   first (we take) Vancouver,
   a-and then Toronto (the Good) follows suit, Source.

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