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another kick at the can

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Thursday May 24 2007

Paul KoesterPaul KoesterPaul KoesterPaul Koester

24/05/07, Laura Drake, Mountie's original notes into shooting now destroyed, Source.

Tuesday May 22 2007

22/05/07, Gary Mason, Today, the Mountie who shot this mill worker will begin to quench B.C.'s thirst for answers, Source.

Monday April 15 2007

15/04/07, Jeff Sallot, RCMP's Crisis of Confidence, Source.

Friday March 30 2007

RCMP GableMonday April 2 2007

I thought maybe I was depending a little too much on the Globe, so I found this in Macleans, and sure enough, a slightly different and more detailed take on it: 29/03/07, Kady O'Malley & Chris Selley, RCMP scandal deepens, (Source).

Friday March 30 2007

"While trying to expose these wrongdoings, which were both criminal and code-of-conduct violations, I had face-to-face meetings and complaints up to and including Commissioner Zaccardelli. I was met with inaction, delays, roadblocks, obstruction and lies. The person who orchestrated most of this coverup was Commissioner Zaccardelli."

Ron Lewis, retired RCMP staff sergeant.

"The cover-up of wrongdoing and the protection of those favoured by senior management has become a common thread running through the members' complaints. In fact, RCMP management's practice of transferring officers facing legitimate complaints by regular members is now being likened to the conduct of the Catholic Church in protecting its priests accused of misconduct."

lawyers for B.C. Mounted Police Professional Association & Mounted Police Association of Ontario.

From the Globe:
   Editorial, Accountability and the RCMP, (Source).
   Timeline: RCMP scandals and setbacks since 2006, (Source).
   Daniel Leblanc, Another gust in growing Mountie gale, (Source).
   Jeff Sallot & Daniel Leblanc, RCMP faces twin probes in alleged pension fraud, (Source).
   Brian Laghi & Oliver Moore, Mounties allege fraud in pension management, (Source).
   Greg McArthur, MPs probe case of controversial RCMP agent, (Source).

Bernard ShapiroBernard Shapiro

That Bernard Shapiro should pick this week to walk away says it all for me. There is very little moral ground anywhere near these governments and their agencies. Rotten nearly to the core. Ethics? Morality? In Ottawa? Not! And there is a time for good people to walk away from it without disgrace. Difficult for him no doubt.

Maybe the winds of Climate Change will blow them all clean; and if not clean, then at least away.

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