segunda-feira, junho 11, 2007

World Government Might Work (!?) wtf?

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Mano a Mano 07-06-11
:- This Global Warming is serious stuff!
:- It won't be enough just to turn up the air-conditioner!
:- The cow's in the swamp with the bull with the melted horn! (Brazilian expression meaning we're at the end-of-the-line, 'gone to hell in a handbasket' as it were).

G8 World Leaders?

11/06/07, Markus Feldenkirchen & Dirk Kurbjuweit & Christian Reiermann, A World Government?, Source.

My first reaction to this Spiegel article was unprintable; then I thought, 'Are they nuts these authors?'; my third was, 'Who wrote this article really and for whom?'

The G8 meeting at Heiligendamm was a pitiful farce - and I came to this before the public rantings of Bono Vox & Bob Geldof made the news. There was no substance in any of it; not in the climate change statement which I read several versions of; not in the crocodile handwringing over Africa; not Putin threatening Europe with missles.

Nonsense ... highschool pranks ... fucking bullshit! The Walrus and the Carpenter have nothing on these cunts and wankers! (Pardon my language if you will ... or not; but that is really 'where it's at' (man).)