domingo, setembro 16, 2007

Laugh so as not to Cry

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Up, Down.

[except that I have gotten reasonably adept at posting quickly I would not bother anymore]

"On the face of it, taxpayer-funded breast enhancement is a questionable practice,"
     Joel Fitzgibbon, Labor defence spokesman.

Spokesman? Not Spokesperson?

Analysts say China hopes the 300-strong team will deflect widespread criticism of its reluctance to approve foreign intervention in Darfur.
     some anonymous BBC reporter.

China? China is going to help?

BBC, 16/09/07, Australia navy in breast op row , Source.
BBC, 16/09/07, Worldwide rallies held for Darfur, Source.

A-and then this:
17/09/07, Andreas Lorenz, Courting Beijing's Wrath, Source.
18/09/07, Daniel Leblanc - Brian Laghi, Harper set to meet Dalai Lama despite China, Source.