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Ser diferente é normal.

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Up, Down.

The muted post-horn, W.A.S.T.E. - We Await Silent Tristero's Empire.

from Thomas Pynchon - The Crying of Lot 49:
"It was not an act of treason, nor possibly even of defiance. But it was a calculated withdrawal, from the life of the Republic, from its machinery. Whatever else was being denied them out of hate, indifference to the power of their vote, loopholes, simple ignorance, this withdrawal was their own, un-publicized, private. Since they could not have withdrawn into a vacuum (could they?), there had to exist the separate, silent, unsuspected world."

The Kenosha Kid: Hatred and dread hung over the town like a pall. Pard turned against pard; every man suspected his neighbor. And to solve that mystery, The Kenosha Kid — Robinhood of straights and flushes — plays his most thrilling game for a desperation jackpot.

1. Paper, parchment, or other writing material designed to be reusable after any writing on it has been erased.
2. A parchment or other writing surface on which the original text has been effaced or partially erased, and then overwritten by another; a manuscript in which later writing has been superimposed on earlier (effaced) writing.
3. In extended use: a thing likened to such a writing surface, esp. in having been reused or altered while still retaining traces of its earlier form; a multi-layered record.
4. A monumental brass plate turned and re-engraved on the reverse side.
5. A geographic or geological structure characterized by superimposed features produced at two or more distinct periods.
6. A rock structure: partially preserving the texture that existed prior to metamorphism.
7. A landscape or landform, especially a glaciated topography or a drainage pattern: exhibiting superimposed features produced at two or more distinct periods.
8. A sediment or deposit that has been reworked since it was first laid down.

from Thomas Pynchon - V:
"It was a foolish thing," Godolphin said, "what I did. There was nearly a mutiny. After all, one man, trying for the Pole, in the dead of winter. They thought I was insane. Possibly I was, by that time. But I had to reach it. I had begun to think that there, at one of the only two motionless places on this gyrating world, I might have peace to solve Vheissu's riddle. Do you understand? I wanted to stand in the dead center of the carousel, if only for a moment; try to catch my bearings. And sure enough: waiting for me was my answer. I'd begun to dig a cache nearby, after planting the flag. The barrenness of that place howled around me, like a country the demiurge had forgotten. There could have been no more entirely lifeless and empty place anywhere on earth. Two or three feet down I struck clear ice. A strange light, which seemed to move inside it, caught my attention. I cleared a space away. Staring up at me through the ice, perfectly preserved, its fur still rainbow-colored, was the corpse of one of their spider monkeys. It was quite real; not like the vague hints they had given me before. I say 'they had given.' I think they left it there for me. Why? Perhaps for some alien, not-quite-human reason that I can never comprehend. Perhaps only to see what I would do. A mockery, you see: a mockery of life, planted where everything but Hugh Godolphin was inanimate. With of course the implication . . . It did tell me the truth about them. If Eden was the creation of God, God only knows what evil created Vheissu. The skin which had wrinkled through my nightmares was all there had ever been. Vheissu itself, a gaudy dream. Of what the Antarctic in this world is closest to: a dream of annihilation."

elect: Chosen by God, in particular for salvation or eternal life.

reprobate: One rejected by God; one who has fallen away from grace or religion; one lost in sin. (We must know Christ in us, except we be Reprobates, or unjustified Persons.)

preterite: One who is passed over or not elected by God. (The reprobates who are damned because they were always meant to be damned, and the preterites who are damned because they were never meant to be saved.)

damned: Doomed to or undergoing eternal punishment; condemned or consigned to hell.

from Thomas Pynchon - Gravity's Rainbow:
Slothrop's Hymn

There is a Hand to turn the Time,
Though thy Glass today be run,
Till the Light that hath brought the Towers low
Find the last poor Pret'rite one ...
Till the Riders sleep by ev'ry road,
All through our crippl'd Zone,
With a face on ev'ry mountainside,
And a Soul in ev'ry stone.

Era uma vez ...
This little piggy went to market
This little piggy stayed home
This little piggy had roast beef
This little piggy had none
And this little piggy went "wee wee wee"
All the way home

Little finger
His neighbour
Father of all
Makes holes in cakes
Catches fleas

The little finger wants bread
His neighbour says "No!"
The father says he will give it
This one will steal it
And the thumb says "Hold on there!"
Esse porcininho andou ao mercado
Esse porcininho ficou em casa
Esse porcininho comeu ros bifé
Esse porcininho tinha nada
E esse porcininho fiz "oi oi oi"
Todo caminho voltar para casa

Dedo mindinho
Seu vizinho
Pai de todos
Fura bolos
Cata piolhos

Dedo mindinho quer pão
O vizinho diz que não
O pai diz que dará
Este o furtará
E o polegar "Alto lá!"

é o bicho ...
o rato roeu a roupa do rei de roma
e deu a maior bode.
rei leão ficou uma fera,
não queria engolir mosca.
mando a coruja abrir o olho
e o jacaré abrir a boca.
alguém ia ter que pagar o pato,
já que rei não paga mico.
todo bicho vai falar!
todo mundo vai ter que abrir o bico!
a paca, o tatu, a cotia.
e até o tamanduá
que enfiou o nariz onde não devia.
aí é que a porce torce o rabo,
está todo mundo com o rabo preso.
nesse mato tem coelho
e o rei não é burro não.
cada macaco no seu galho!
- no meio da multidão gritou o mico-leão.
quebraram o calho da arara,
mas ela ficou uma arara
saiu logo entregando:
- pergunta pro papagaio
ele fala pra cochorro!
o louro for pego pelo pé
falando logo um palavrão
for o pica-pau que picou outra jereal!
pica-pau picou a mula e nunca mais aparaçeu
aí pintou uma gata
arrastou asa pro rei
e ele caiu de quatro.
ate comprou roupa nova
ficou o maior barato
o rei tirou o grilho da cuca
e a bicharada cantou aliviada:
calma que o leão é manso!
nosso rei, é legal paca!
é isso aí, bicho.
bode- billygoat
ficar uma fera - get very angry
engolir - swallow
coruja - owl
jacaré - alligator
pato - duck
mico - monkey
bico - beak
tatu - armadillo
tamanduá - ant eater
enfiar - stick
torcer - twist, rabo - tail
preso - caught
mato - undergrowth
gritar - scream
quebrar - break, calho?
arar - plow
entregar - hand over
papagaio - parrot
louro - parrot
palavrão - coarse word
picar - bite, jereal?
pica-pau - woodpecker
arrastar - drag, asa - wing,
arrastar a asa - court
cuca - head
aliviar - releive
paca - very much

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

criança nascido segunda-feira é lindo de rosto
nascido terca-feira é cheia da graça
nascido quarta-feira é cheia da mágoa
nascido quinta-feira tem longe para viagar
nascido sexta-feira é carhinosa e dando
criança nascido sabado trabalha árduamente por seu vida
e a criança que nasce no domingo
é bonita e alegre e boa e divertido

O que isso?: Vai lá e pimba! É, é isso! é bicho!