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clean rat, painted bird

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you may have heard about the experiment where you take a rat out of its nest, wash it in detergent and put it back, and because it doesn`t smell right, the rest of the tribe kill it

or maybe the 60s book The Painted Bird, Jerzy`s example was a little subtler (as I remember it) you paint the bird and put it back with its mates, they do not recognize it and run away, and the painted bird does not understand, starves to death or something

what got me started thinking about this was the sermon at Lakewood last Sunday, to the effect that carrying around feelings of hurt anger and blame make you smell bad, spiritually speaking

get the connection?

i knew a woman, a psychiatrist, who said to me one time that people have a sort of emotional aura, and that if you are feeling unworthy this feeling gets mixed up in your aura, her expression was "washes off you", and when people experience this kind of aura they tend to keep their distance

years ago i saw an article in the Salvation Army`s newspaper, War Cry, to the effect that mental patients are stigmatized in a similar way, as well as caught in a bind, if they talk about whatever problem it is that they have got, people back away, and if they don`t talk about it they don`t really know what else to say, and a strange feeling envelops the situation and people back away

and it does no good to rent professionals, from hookers to shrinks the problem is the same - the energy they give out depends on cash, and when the cash is gone so are they, and this has an effect on how seriously you can take what they say, and the quase-professionals are no better, the do-gooders who listen to you out of some sense of duty, problem is a sense of duty has no real content or staying power

the poor get poorer, the poor in spirit that is, check out the parable of the talents, in direct contradiction to the sermon on the mount where they are going to inherit the earth, both of these notions come from the bible, go figgure, and then there is the story of the good samaritan, which rings true and is remembered regardless of where it came from

an old friend of mine thought it all boiled down to temperament, emotional colour, I thought for a long time that it had to do with communication, with the ability to somehow make things clear, and then a decade or so later I began to think that it was all about desire, not just sexual desire but based on a sexual model

this actually works pretty well, not desire maybe, which tends to have a specific object, but interest, people are either interested or they are not

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