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Michaëlle Jean and Redemption

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Wednesday March 22, 2006

Globe: In lush BC, Jean shares painful secret

In her own words: "... I also saw part of my own story. I was once a little girl who saw her father strike her mother. My younger sister and I lived with the anguish that all children feel when their family unit breaks down. ... For years, we lived in a small basement apartment in Montreal that had just 1½ rooms. Despite the uncertainty that comes with working odd jobs, my mother held her head high, her pride and dignity never wavering. ... My father, who suffered the brutality of torture, is now free from the hell of violent behaviour. This is the story of a family that happens to be my family. ... The more you put a human face on those situations, especially from my position now as Governor-General, it helps others who are totally isolated to do the same. ... It's something I feel very free and open to share with other people. ... It was not a shame. It happens to so many families. ... We have to realize that being silenced about it is not a good thing to do. I think part of the solution is to speak out and make it known. ... I think he is an example to many men by showing that it is possible to overcome this kind of behaviour. He has done that and I am very proud of him. ... The numbers of women and their children who continue to be affected by violence and misogyny are staggering, and we all bear the costs. ..."

Quite a story, quite a woman.

It is a very uncommon story because it leaves neither herself nor her father Roger as a victim - it is a story that ends with the redemption of both. This is nothing short of miraculous. I do not know if she is aware of this distinction, nor if she intended to make such a complete story. Yet even if it was mere unconcious sensibility, she has accomplished something that none of the left-lib hand wringers could accomplish for all their government grants, and I applaud her.

Of course I applaud her. Are we not blessed to have such a person as our Head of State? Neither plummy condescension nor strident ideological rhetoric - my God, what a relief! She does not stoop to conquer, no.

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Posted março 22, 2006 8:58 PM by Blogger Ericajn /  

Just wanted to say that I can very much feel where you are coming from. I was the youngest of three daugthers and had a father that was an alcoholic that liked to abuse my mother physically. I used to have nightmares about it and never want to leave my mother over night in fear that I would never see her again. MY GOD I used to get so frightened.

My father has been sober for 20 years now. I was 10 when our lives changed. For the better, maybe not...could have been a different ending as well such as my mother leaving my father, which she still talks about these days (bless her heart).

I have never communicated this information to anyone in this way ever, I am happy that I came to your page. Thank you.