quinta-feira, maio 18, 2006


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Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarRene Preval has had his inauguration. It looks like Michaëlle was the only head-of-state to attend.

[something has happened to Blogger and Hello, I can no longer post images with Hello and the Blogger interface is like everything else at Google ('half-baked') so there is not much control over sizing, Picasa's Hello is not much better actually - a bit, it looks to me like it is a matter of permissions on the Hello folders - uploading using Blogger goes to http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/... etc. and uploading using Hello goes to 'http://photos1.blogger.com/hello/... etc. the business of 'permissions' is a standing joke with anyone doing any SysAdmin stuff, oh well, the obvious fact that so much actually gets published with these silly tools says something about the energy behind it]

She made some kind of a speech while she was in Haiti - I am hoping they will publish the text of it eventually on the Governor General's website. If and when they do, I will put a link to it here.

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