quinta-feira, maio 04, 2006

Darfur ...

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Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarSudan's chief negotiator, Majzoub al-Khalifa (L) and Mohamed Yousif, deputy chief negotiator.

An opinion piece by Tarek Fatah in the Globe yesterday that caught my eye (I have had the same question for some time): Globe: Why are we Muslims so silent on Darfur?, and a previous Muslim opinion from Rami Khouri in 2004 on the same subject: Darfur's Ugly Resonance in the Arab World, and two Letters to the Editor of the Globe this morning, by: Mindy G. Alter, and Ruth Dukas.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarMinni Arcua Minnawi (L), head of at least one half of the SLA.

Diplomats are landing like flies on shit in Abuja, Nigeria; the US, Britain, and Canada have a team each; Allan Rock, David Angell, Robert Zoellick, Hilary Benn. The bones of it are either shifting around or simply becoming clearer - oil money and who gets first crack at it. A high-stakes poker game; another day's extention of the deadline (the word 'deadline' here takes on a particularly poignant resonance). China is Sudan's largest oil market apparently.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarSLA commmanders Mariam Abdallah (L) and Roda Mohamed Ahmed.

I have read phrases like, "the only non-African parties" (How many should there be?), and "the U.S. relationship with Sudan is complicated" (I suppose it is) - small indications of the unspoken agendas, not true 'fnord's maybe, but quase-fnords at least, little linguistic windows.

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