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Nuclear, floating this time

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The only name I can find for the thing is N36-1, I guess that would be the 36th Nuclear vessel built at the shipyard?

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarSpiegel: Russia To Build Floating Nuclear Power Plant, (Archive), Discussion.
BBC: Floating atomic plant for Russia, (Archive).
Novosti: Rosenergoatom, Sevmash sign contract to build floating NPP.
FSUE: Atomic heating and power station with low capacity (ATES MM)(?).
FSUE: Floating Power Generating Unit.
RussianNewsWire: Rosenergoatom to Launch First Small-Capacity Offshore NPP in 2010, Arkhangelsk Region.
Pravda: Russia to Create World's First Floating Nuclear Power Plant, (some boobage on the Pravda site, surprising).

Spiegel: Nuclear Power Will Drive the Future, Not! (Archive) Discussion". Please see a previous post (Nuclear Power Controversy) for a rebuttal of the falacious arguments made in this article by Christine Todd Whitman & Patrick Moore.

To be built at Sevmash shipyard in a place called Severodvinsk in Arkhangelsk region:
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NTI: Nuclear Threat Initiative:
      Overview - Russia: Floating Reactors,
      June 6 1996, Russia Plans to Build 15 Floating NPPs in Far East,
      November 6 1996, Designs For Floating NPPs Complete,
      August 23 1996, Floating NPP Construction Resumed After Delay,
      November 1997, Russian Far East To Get Floating Power Station,
      February 18 1998, Two Floating Nuclear power Plants Planned,
      March 24 2000, Floating Reactor Project Takes Shape,
      June 14 2000: Environmentalists Protest Floating Reactor Project,
      March 13 2001, Floating NPP Planned for Severodvinsk,
      October 11 2003, Floating Npp Project Passes State Inspection.

Monterey Institute of International Studies - Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarSergei Vladilenovich Kiriyenko (born July 26, 1962) went from studying shipbuilding (engineer maybe? technologist maybe?), to economics, to the army for a few years, to banking, had a hand in Gazprom, Prime Minister under Yeltsin (for a few months in 1998, barely ratified by the Duma when he was sacked), to wind up head of Russia's Federal Atomic Energy Agency. He is dealing with the Iran issues as well.
Getting right to the point he is quoted by the BBC saying:

"There will be no floating Chernobyl."
How does he know?

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarThe plan has been on the go since the mid-90s. I bet it is surfacing now, with contracts being signed and the like, because Mother Russia too is waking up to Global Warming and hopes she can turn the Sevmach shipyard from dismantling nuclear submarines (and general megrims) to building a fleet of these things. The kicker is the interest by China, India, Indonesia and others.

Doesn't need cooling towers this time either - cool it with sea water eh? I say be sure that your satellite imagery plans include something that will pick up a leak. Is that even possible I wonder?

Chernobyl was extremely difficult to stop after it blew. Many people, thousands, many thousands, died from working in the area to build the sarcophagus, even the helicopter pilots dropping Boron and whatnot on the flaming reactor core - well, try imagining doing all of that UNDERWATER eh?

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