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Saving Margarets

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Tuesday October 24 2006

Bio & Contact: McGill University, Faculty of Law.

Saturday October 21 2006

Margaret Somerville's new book - The Ethical Imagination: Journeys of the Human Spirit.
21/10/06, Arthur Schafer (Review), The nature of ethics, the ethics of nature, (Archive).

And an exerpt from the book in the Focus section which they have not put on line.

Massey Lectures 2006 - The Ethical Imagination.

29/04/03, Margaret Somerville, The case against "Same-sex marriage", (Archive).

Thursday June 22 2006

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarYears ago, when I lived in Toronto ('The Good'), it was called Ryerson Institute of Technology, and was a small step up from Northern Secondary and a good step down for anyone at North Toronto Collegiate which I attended. Now it calls itself a 'University' but it has obviously carried along some highschool baggage. Everyone in Toronto has read Catcher in the Rye by now haven't they?

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarA tale of two Margarets; Margaret Wente and Margaret Somerville. Neither of these ladies needs any saving whatsoever. They can quite obviously stand up for themselves, and alone if necessary. More than can be said for some others in this story.

Margaret Wente's name is good to drop into just about any room full of Newfie pundits, just to clear the froth off the draft as it were, see which way the wind blows. It looks like Margaret Somerville's will do the same if you happen to be faced by the vegetarian hordes, say, at an NDP rally.

I collected together a few reports:
Margaret Somerville bits & pieces (Archive).
      June 15, Margaret Wente: The burka-bashing white oppressor.
      June 17, Margaret Wente: Queen of the May.
      June 17, How Ryerson failed Margaret Somerville.
      June 20, Ryerson faculty turn backs on 'homophobic' degree.
      June 21, Margaret Somerville, Letter to the Editor.
      June 24, Rex Murphy, Conduct most unbecoming of Ryerson.
      June 24, John Frazer, The toxic tower.
Frazer recommends:
Petrified Campus: The Crisis in Canada's Universities, David Bercuson, Robert Bothwell and Jack Granatstein.
The First Stone: Some Questions About Sex and Power, Helen Garner.
Porterhouse Blue, Tom Sharpe.

I threw "Margaret Wente says ... Oh Danny Boy, pipe down" into the Archive as well, from the Globe in January 2005, along with retorts by Danny Williams, John Crosbie, and Rex Murphy since this brouhaha is no longer available at the source.

I am still looking for a copy of whatever it was the milquetoast Ryerson Committee said.

I did find a copy of what RYE-Pride (Wry-Pride?) and the Student Union said when I stumbled upon a young woman blogger at Ryerson; Publish or perish.

This would all be just a laugh - except for recent incidents such as the Harvard University president Lawrence Summers being forced from office. When a gaggle of hissing febrile nitwits can take away your livlihood it is getting serious.

A-and it seems that incompetence goes hand-in-hand with correctitude; witness the case of wicked Wanda Young at Memorial.

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