segunda-feira, junho 18, 2007

What to call it? Potpourri?

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Up, Down.

Always appreciated Rowan & Martin ...

Tuesday June 19 2007

Verlyn Klinkenborg
"We love to finally care when the death watch is on. It makes us feel so very human."
     Verlyn Klinkenborg.

19/06/07, Verlyn Klinkenborg, Millions of Missing Birds, Vanishing in Plain Sight, Source.

19/06/07, NYT Editorial, Crunch Time on Energy, Source.
It will be interesting to see what falls out of the US Senate after a week or two ... and sooner than I thought, "constructive, if modest" they say:
23/06/07, NYT Editorial, Signs of Energy, Source.

Meanwhile, the k-k-k-Canadians contemplate the 50 horses running around their belly-buttons:
Public Safety Minister wants to see 'fresh breezes blowing through' troubled force after scathing report on its leadership.

Fresh breezes (!?) Hah! Fat Chance!

18/06/07, Gloria Galloway, 'Broken' RCMP will be fixed, Ottawa vows, Source.
19/06/07, Editorial, To bring openness to the Mounties, Source.

A-and just a gold ol' rant:
19/06/07, Margaret Wente, Are you feeling safer now?, Source.

Monday June 18 2007

“A camel is delivering a baby today
and the milk of the camel is coming,
Who is the owner of this land?”

     song from the Ogaden Desert, Ethiopia.

Congo: 18/06/07, Nicholas D. Kristof, Dinner With a Warlord, Source.

Ethiopia: 18/06/07, Jeffrey Gettleman, In Ethiopian Desert, Fear and Cries of Army Brutality, Source.

“Me, I am old,” she said, “but they raped me, too.”