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Cunning Stunts - Fathers 4 Justice

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Up, Down.

Fathers 4 Justice: UK, USA, Québec, Canada (the Rest Of), Wikipedia.

Fathers 4 JusticeFathers 4 Justice

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It was probably already there when I needed it - but ... blah, blah, bleah, blargh, blech ... I thought that Justice would prevail naturally. I thought that the facts would speak for themselves in the end, particularly to my children, and I was afraid that the struggle would damage them.

I was wrong. I have seen the terrible deficit in all of our lives that came from my pathetic quiescence and passivity. And now I am an old man who missed so much richness that should have been my children's birthright, all of our birthrights, and indeed, I spend much or even most of my time regretting (criticize that if you will) - Humpty Dumpty.

I should have fought it when it was in front of me. I should have struggled with all of my force and energy.

I only hope that someone reads this here who needs it now.