domingo, junho 08, 2008

Sunday Meditation in Burnaby - D Words.

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Up, Down.

A short Sunday meditation on art as currency, in both (or various) realms. And an undeniably entertaining movie reviving the 'D' words: Denial & Defiance & (of course) Delightful.

Now there's a joke on me ... for a few minutes, almost an hour, despite the context, I stopped dancing with Mister D and the 'K' words, Kevorkian & Keizer ... ai ai ai, oh well ... Here's my first-ever use of a 'smiley'

Just for a second there I thought I saw something move.
     Bob Dylan, Things Have Changed.
The gates of love they budged an inch.
     Leonard Cohen, Closing Time.

Bill Reid Gallery, Vancouver.

Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast ArtBill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

"Art can never be understood but can only be seen as a kind of magic, the most profound and mysterious of human activities. Within that magic, one of the deepest mysteries is the art of the Northwest Coast."

     Bill Reid.

This quote seems to put him in the know-nothing camp - which is gently mocked in Frye's statement at the foot of this blog. I wonder if my old friend Simon Charlie would agree? Can't say, but I am sure he would smile and laugh at the thought of it.

Bill ReidBill ReidBill ReidSimon Charlie

No connection between the two, a juxtaposition in time & space is all ... delightful defiance, transformation towards the good (or something like that), and the good guy wins ... hey!

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