terça-feira, janeiro 24, 2006

Nairobi - Real International Aid

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Reuters: Kenya's arid Turkana region takes brunt of drought.
Jeremy Lind: Changing Customary Land Use in Turkana
Daily Nation - Kenya

Water catchment project on the Lokitaung river; Aro Koriang, before & after with Joseph Mbuthia at the Lodwar Medical Centre.

Friday, January 27

All that can be done at the collapsed building has been done, and they have memorials. Meanwhile, the drought goes on.

Wednesday, January 25

Nation: Disaster response shameful

The men in these pictures are Kenyan citizens, Kenyan Police, Fire Department, and Red Cross, and from the American and Israeli military. British military are also on the scene but not pictured. God bless them.

Now, if equivalent reponse were being made to the drought affecting the whole region called 'The Horn of Africa', being: Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea, Djbouti.

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