sábado, janeiro 14, 2006

Breasts, a Light in the East

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Globe: Link found between light, breast cancer
BBC: Artificial light linked to breast cancer

Melatonin, a hormone connected with daily rhythms, slows cancer growth, is not produced except in darkness, qed.

Mid-morning, sitting in my car up on Signal Hill, with a couple of large Tim Horton's double-doubles, having a smoke, unfolding my Saturday Globe. The politically correct government will not permit smoking anywhere inside-public in this town, and my daughter will not permit me to smoke inside-private despite I own the house (which resolution I support for the record, nothing is simple), so there I am, primed for revelation. I notice that the Globe seems to be subtly scuttling Harper, he has athsma, can he stand the course, etc. I get out one cynical grunt ... and then, there it is! Good News!

I will likely not resist the temptation to decorate this post a little later with photographs. I don't make any effort to deny my emphatic, lifelong, possibly-puerile-but-I-don't-think-so fascination with breasts - love 'em! Glad to see a reduction in their jeopardy. In a manner which coincides and dovetails with some previously held notions of rightness - which I may get to later

Several friends of mine have suffered with this, and are close enough to me that I have seen how that suffering is not just physical, that it goes to feminine identity. Good news indeed, not a magic bullet, but a strong clue.

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