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Sem Vergonha, Garota?

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Monday, March 21, 2006

Here is something interesting ... of course the girls have a relatively short shelf life, the biz, the 'life', ' a vida', takes it out of you and at 30 or so you find yourself with nowhere to go but down, and the skills and sensibilities that are useful with johns are very applicable to the elderly. Who knows? The elderly might like a blow-job now and then too - Spiegel: Prostitute Retraining Program, (Archive), Technorati Blogs.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On the face of it this looks like the garotas de programma, the program girls, of Rio de Janeiro getting organized. They have some catchy phrases and graphics, and (at least) four websites:

Davida - Prostituição, Direitos Civis, Saúde. An NGO, since 1992;
A Moda Davida A line of clothing;
Rede Brasileira de Prostitutas a Network since 1987; and
Beijo da rua a magazine.

"As mulheres boas vão para o céu. As mulheres más vão para qualquer lugar." Literally: "Good women go to heaven. Bad women go somewhere." But there is a little linguistic twist here since "boa" in reference to a woman means a honey, a sweetie, and "um avião" an airplane, means a stunner - so how do you get to heaven? In an airplane of course! One of the termas, whore houses in Rio is named Aeroporto.

Ok, they have some t-shirts for sale:

They have stickers with what sounds to me like good information, tho' fridge magnets might be better:

Sem vergonha de usar camisinhas - without shame to use condoms.
Sem vergonha de valorizar seu trabalho - without shame to value your work.
Sem vergonha de denunciar a violencia - without shame to denounce violence.
Sem vergonha de lutar pelos seus diretos - without shame to struggle for your rights.

They have a struggle with the bourgeois (alta burguesia) merchants:
Economist: Daslu goes to court.
Daslu, São Paulo’s ritziest department store, is dealing with decidedly unglamorous publicity. On December 8th, federal prosecutors accused Daslu’s executives and five of its suppliers of conspiring to evade taxes on imported goods. Police had stormed the building in July, seizing documents and arresting the store’s owner, Eliana Tranchesi, and her brother. If convicted, the pair could spend up to 21 years in jail. But bad press doesn’t seem to have hurt the Daslu’s business: according to Ms Tranchesi, who denies the charges, sales in October were up 25% compared with October 2004.

Meanwhile, Daslu is threatening to sue Davida, a prostitutes’-rights organisation based in Rio de Janeiro. In December Davida launched a line of clothing called Daspu (puta means whore), designed, made and modelled by ladies of the night. Daslu believes the similarly named brand will sully its posh image.

Respeito é bom, eu gosto e custa pouco. Respect is good, I like it and it doesn't cost much.

And finally, they have a horny little story, which I will translate for you a little later:
O gringo e o negão - Jane Eloy
The gringo and the big black
Estava eu na casa do Paul em Macaé dormindo. Quando acordei, às nove da manhã, tinha um gringo nu em minha cama e ele estava excitado. Eu pensei que quem estava dormindo comigo fosse o Paul, mas me surpreendi ao ver esse gringo. Ele fez um programa comigo e gozou em 5 minutos. Fiquei frustrada, pois queria gozar com ele.
I was sleeping in Paul's house in Macae. When I woke at nine in the morning there was a gringo in my bed and he had a hard-on. I thought it was Paul who was sleeping with me and I was surprised to see this gringo. He did the business with me and came in 5 minutes. I was frustrated because I wanted to come with him.
Subi para jogar tapão com os amigos na casa do Paul. Quem ganhasse, ganharia dinheiro; e quem perdesse teria que pagar uma prenda. A prenda seria jogar leitinho (o homem) e a mulher teria que fazer um streap-tease ou sexo ao vivo. Eu perdi e tive que fazer sexo na frente de todos, sendo que os outros participantes do jogo escolhiam as posições.
I got up to play tapão(?) with the friends at Paul's house. The winner would win money, and the loser would have to pay a forfeit. The forfeit would be for a man to jerk off and for a woman to do a strip tease or do live sex. I lost and had to have sex in front of everyone with the other participants choosing the positions.
“Põe ela de quatro, toca siririca nela”. A minha sorte era que o homem em si era um negro lindo de 1,85 m e um pênis enorme e maravilhoso. Fiquei feliz, pois consegui gozar!
"Put her on all fours and play the hummingbird on her". My luck was that the man was a beautiful black, 6 feet tall with a marvellous huge penis. I was happy because I managed to come!
O final foi interessante, pois todos que assistiam ficaram excitados e correram para o banheiro para se satisfazer da maneira que puderam.
The end was interesting, because everyone watching got excited and ran to the bathroom to get satisfaction however they could.
Tocaram punheta, siririca (as mulheres) e, o pior de tudo, não puderam transar devido às regras do jogo.
They jerked off, the women played hummingbird, and worst of all they could not fuck according to the rules of the game.

siririca: nome dado à fêmea do bem-te-vi, female hummingbird, evocative! and some gíria (slang) that I do not entirely understand, but the gist of it, the way it is described is not the way I think it was ... no, there you go, lovely if it was that way, so free and casual ... something rings false to me.

On the face of it that is; but I am not sure about it. Call me a bourgeois hand-wringer, call me a hypocrite, call me a dotard, call me shittard, squirtard, crackard, filthard, cackard, stinkard, what you will, but I would not want this for my daughter nor my grand-daughter.

I was having a smoke this afternoon, standing in the winter sun on my own back porch, and I wondered why they do it. Simple enough question - no clear general answer to it of course. A friend of mine who generally takes what he can get said to me that they do it for the thrill - and yes, I think some do, maybe more at the beginning than later on. Another friend of mine says, "you can lead a whore to culture but you can't make her think." - cheap rationalization I would say. I met some with young children who looked like they were doing it to support the kids, not to mention mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts; you know ... grinding poverty. And I saw some of the older ones, with children in grade school and university, full of a desperate fury but still doing it, nowhere else to go maybe. And I met a few who said they liked fucking and might as well get paid for it. Maybe it is concupiscence stupidity and laziness, maybe it is just one more thing under the sun that God has given us to make some sense of as we may.

I was rooting around at the Economist wondering if Lula will pull out another rabbit and I stumbled onto the Daslu reference above, did a Google on "Daspu" and the rest is as you see it.

I am in a position, because of what I have seen with my own eyes, to have a better formed opinion - but I don't. There it is. I have not said the obvious. That this community and solidarity coming from Davida and its efforts are a compassionate and effective response; you could call it an improvement, an amelioration, a reduction in sum-total grief and jeopardy. Or that education would be a good idea - maybe some of the girls and boys would rather be working in a call centre answering questions about how to find the switch on the photo-copier and the like.


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The first photo caught my eye because I know the feeling of going up stairs naked, towards a brightness, uncertain. The Lautrec painting reminds me of Bob and his Blood in my Eyes:

Woke up this morning, feeling blue,
Seen a good-lookin' girl, can I make love with you?
Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you,
Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you.
I got blood in my eyes for you, babe,
I don't care what in the world you do.

I went back home, put on my tie,
Gonna get that girl that money that money will buy.
Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you,
Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you.
I got blood in my eyes for you, babe,
I don't care what in the world you do.

She looked at me, begin to smile,
Said, "Hey, hey, man, can't you wait a little while?"
No, no, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you,
No, no, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you.
Got blood in my eyes for you, babe,
I don't care what in the world you do.

No, no, ma'ma, I can't wait,
You got my money, now you're trying to break this date.
Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you,
Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you.
I got blood in my eyes for you, babe,
I don't care what in the world you do.

I tell you something, tell you the facts,
You don't want me, give my money back.
Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you,
Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you.
I got blood in my eyes for you, babe,
I don't care what in the world you do.

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