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Jose Padilla, Habeas Corpus

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Washington Post: Translator's Conviction Raises Legal Concerns
NEW YORK -- For three years federal agents trailed Mohammed Yousry, a chubby 50-year-old translator and U.S. citizen who worked for radical lawyer Lynne Stewart. Prosecutors wiretapped his phone, and FBI agents shadowed and interviewed him. They read his books and notepads and every file on his computer.

This was their conclusion:
"Yousry is not a practicing Muslim. He is not a fundamentalist," prosecutor Anthony Barkow acknowledged in his closing arguments to a jury in federal district court in Manhattan earlier this year. "Mohammed Yousry is not someone who supports or believes in the use of violence."

Still, the prosecutor persuaded the jury to convict Yousry of supporting terrorism. Yousry now awaits sentencing in March, when he could face 20 years in prison for translating a letter from imprisoned Muslim cleric Omar Abdel Rahman to Rahman's lawyer in Egypt.

Monday, January 9, 2006

- Frye's 'primary distinctions" physical freedom, food & sex, where was that? in double vision somewhere? i wish there were a frye concordance somewhere ...
- a notion I got somewhere about habeas corpus being a fundamental foundation (pardon the redundancy) for democracy
- emphasize the evolutionary aspect, longevity, my definition of 'character' as related to duration, etc.
- get into compare & contrast of haiti and palestine
- not in the 1911 britannica, bit of a surprise
- this thing slides (segways?) into the story of the Good Samaritan ! neat! good! why didn't i think of that!

Wikipedia - Habeas corpus / BBC - A brief history of habeas corpus / Lachlan Cranswick's blog

Note on Samaritans: Under the Civil Code of Québec, every person is obligated to act as a 'bon pere de famille', broadly defined as a reasonably prudent person. Failure to do so would amount to fault and lead to legal wrong. Quebec is also the only province to have passed, in 1977, an Act to compensate a good samaritan suffering injuries or other losses.

Note on 'Segway': not in the OED, 'segue' is there from french seguire to follow as noun and verb but only as a musical term, google gives lots of hits altho many based on this new vertical/walker/wheeled transportation device, need a post on that as well as on the death of the OED

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Habeas Corpus (OED): Latin = "thou have the body" or "thou shalt have the body in court".
A writ issuing out of a court of justice, or awarded by a judge in vacation, requiring the body of a person to be brought before the judge or into the court for the purpose specified in the writ; spec. the prerogative writ habeas corpus ad subjiciendum, requiring the body of a person restrained of liberty to be brought before the judge or into court, that the lawfulness of the restraint may be investigated and determined.

Maimi Herald - Padilla swoops into Miami court
Reuters - Dirty bomb suspect Padilla's plea hearing postponed
BBC - Profile: Jose Padilla
Rotten dot com - summary

Naming of the parts:
Jose Padilla: aka Abdullah al Muhajir (Abdullah the Immigrant); aka Ibrahim?; aka Pucho (pudgy);
Mother: Estela Ortega; Estela Ortega Lebron;
Arrested: May 2002
Court: Judge Barry Garber; U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta;
Other Court: Attorney General John Ashcroft; Attorney General Alberto Gonzales; Judge Marcia Cooke;
Lawyers: Donna R. Newman; Andrew G. Patel
Other Lawyers: William Swor;
Others Related: Adham Amin Hassoun; Mohamed Hesham Youssef; Kifah Wael Jayyousi; Kasseem Daher;
Others Peripheral: Zacarias Moussaoui; Khalid Shaikh Mohammed; Richard Reid; Abu Zubayda (Zubaydah); Ramzi Yousef;
Organizations: al Qaeda (al-Qaida); Benevolence International Foundation; Darul Uloom Islamic Institute; al-Iman Mosque; Latin Kings

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