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Lest we forget Freira Dorothy Stang

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Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Amazônia: Juiz convoca bispo a provar manobra no caso Dorothy - A judge hears some remarks by the Bishop at Freira Stang's anniversary mass and orders him to prove - that the federal and state governments are complicit in trying to bury the remaining issues.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Amazônia: Para lembrar a luta de Dorothy

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nosotros tenemos el deber evangélico de dar voz y visibilidad a los excluidos de la sociedad, a través de la divulgación de sus relatos.
Sin embargo, también se siente en el deber de informar que ella no dispone de condiciones para contrastar estas denuncias y no sabe si los relatos presentados han sido comprobados en otras fuentes.

Images by Dibujo de Pulika; Los profetas Elías y Eliseo, Untitled.

Mosteiro da Paz

Comitê Dorothy em defesa da vida.

O Liberal: Caso Stang: cultos e passeatas lembram um ano
Amazônia: Morte de Dorothy Stang completa um ano
Amazônia: Dorothy Stang - Um ano depois, só executores do crime foram julgados
Salt: Two convicted in the killing of Sister Dorothy Stang

Local community stand hand in hand near environmentalist and missionary Sister Dorothy Stang's grave in Anapu, Para State, Brazil February 11, 2006. A year after Sister Dorothy's assassination, Greenpeace activists together with the community erected 772 white crosses and 48 red. The white ones symbolise the rural workers assassinated in land conflicts over the last 33 years in Para State, while the red ones symbolise community leaders currently under death threat. Photo taken February 11, 2006.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Amazônia: Irmã Dorothy - Protesto lembrará 1º ano de morte

Sunday, January 19, 2006

Dorothy Stang was murdered by killers contracted by fazendeiros, and Lula ordered in the Minsters and the Troops and it was sorted - now João Batista, a seringueiro like Chico Mendez has been killed in a similar manner and nothing is being done.

Amazônia: Em Rondônia, secretário que confessou assassinato de líder seringueiro permanece no cargo

"Me too, I am Sister Dorothy", says the banner.

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