terça-feira, maio 16, 2006

RCMP - Still No Answers

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I think we are lucky to have gotten this far. Gary Mason picked up the story from somewhere and luckily the RCMP were fool enough to say "The public doesn't have the right to know anything." That lit the wick, the Globe got some circulation numbers and Gary stayed on the case. Stephen Harper, Stockwell Day, John Les, the RCMP, the CPC are all mum. Except for luck it might never have even been a blip on the radar.

Latest developments:
In an article with no author the Globe calls it 'unsatisfying' - I guess this must be that ol' Canadian understatement thing: May 16, Globe: It's an unsatisfying way to run an investigation.

Gary Mason did an on-line question & answer thing today - sorry I missed it: Globe: In-custody deaths, Discussion.

And Jack Layton, the leader of the federal NDP has apparently tried to wring an apology out of Nathan Cullen and failed. Good for Nathan Cullen! Layton goes on to say that he is working on it - but it is typical of these left-lib hand-wringers that their first concern is polite optics instead of standing behind your rank and file and demanding answers of people like John Les: Macleans: Jack Layton says MP is regretful about RCMP comments, but won't apologize.

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