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RCMP - Shame!

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More news in the past few days on the subject of Ian Bush's death at the hands of RCMP Constable Paul Koester:
Globe, May 30: Case mired in mixed messages, (Archive).
Globe, May 28: B.C. Attorney-General urges patience in police shooting, (Archive).
Globe, May 27: Man's family sues for damages after his death in police custody, (Archive).

The powers that be are playing silly buggers and hoping it will all blow over; "Who me? Oh, I don't know anything, I can't say anything, another month and maybe we will tell you something."

Thank goodness for Gary Mason of the Globe and Mail who is still on the case.

Why should I have to thank the press for doing the job I am already paying politicians and bureaucrats to do? Why is it taking so long for the truth to be told?

Ahh yes I know; this is the Hamlet side of the psyche of this fat complacent country we call Canada; Mr. Dithers was nothing more than our epitome.

Shame on the RCMP and shame on their masters. Shame on those who were elected at all levels to represent Ian Bush. Shame on the maggotty bureaucrats hiding beneath their slimy stones. Shame on Canadians for not standing up and demanding answers.

I'm a glutton for punishment - I looked 'em up this morning and called 'em on the telephone - got nowhere of course, nobody is talking; but I feel better for it, my conscience is as clear as it can be, and my name and number are on their message machines to prove it. Lame huh? Best I could do. More lame huh?

Try it yourself: you can find Stephen Harper (the Prime Minister of Canada), Stockwell Day (the man actually in control of the RCMP), and Nathan Cullen (Ian Bush's MP), in the list at Government of Canada Directory, and you can find Gordon Campbell (the provincial Premier), Wally Oppal (the Attorney General, the guy who should br prosecuting Paul Koester), John Les (the Solicitor general who sets police policy), and Robin Austin (Ian Bush's MLA), at Government of British Columbia Directory, and you can find the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP. They all have telephones. They mostly have e-mail too but I tried them all quite politely more than three weeks ago and I had no replies.

I don't like to be so shrill, makes me feel like a feminist, at least I didn't do it all in BOLD CAPS. I tell ya what; go ahead, laugh up your sleeves at the corruption of Brazilian police; wring your hands at the Mullahs of Iran who arrest and torture Bahá'ís; the Palestinian 'Authority', the Turks, the Egyptians beating on demonstrators, all the rest; no problem. Not here, oh no, not in Canada, these RCMP are all good little Canadian boys and girls; tell me about it, I know some of them, I know that they are mostly good people for sure, I have heard some of their stories. But I also remember the RCMP calling for MACE in 45 gallon drums for the economic summit a few years ago in Vancouver and never being properly called to account for it, and more.

This Paul Koester guy will get off with a slap - ain't it clear? At the worst it will be an out-of-the-way desk job.

Remember it if you can; this was the thin edge of the wedge bein' slipped into your cool Canadian pucker. You who think Brazilians and Iranians and that lot are sooooo different.

Who was that guy who haunted Parliament Hill in Ottawa for a year or so in the late 80s or early 90s sometime? Carrying a teddybear and screaming 'Lyin' Brian!' - man, I saw him there and I can't remember his name. They eventually passed an Act of Parliament to get him to quit doin' it - embarassing for the PM in his limo to have to listen to it eh.

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