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Have'ta Laff

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Sean Penn smokes eh?
Click to Enlarge / Click para Aumentarin the Globe yesterday and today: (Archive)
    14/09, Jeff Gray, Health minister tells Penn to butt out.
    15/09, Jeff Gray, Penn's $600 smoke.
    15/09/06, David Stein, Plight of Sean's butt.
    07/10/06, Rex Murphy, Hypocrisy, thy name is Ontario (only in the Archive).

The Letter to the Editor by David Stein has it at least half-right. It is Correctitude that will sink us. Toronto fiddles while the planet goes to hell (in a handbasket).

Anyone knows that the elite do what they want and more-or-less when they want. The things they want are the things everyone wants; but are either too humble or too repressed or simply afraid to go out and get. Even the prune-and-pickle mouthed Presbryterian ministers know that in their heart-of-hearts. Correctitude is ultimately no match for the fundamental (in the sense of 'fundament') realities. Those who suffer; D.H. Lawrence, ... can't take much comfort from that unfortunately.

Northrop Frye's 'primary human concerns' are the physical ones; hunger, sex, shelter and physical liberty (his order not mine - to be found in Double Vision). Everybody has 'em. Everybody wants to satisfy them when they want. No mystery here.

In the 60s I fished with an old man and his son in a place called Great Paradise in Placentia Bay on the south coast of Newfoundland; when things got rough his advice was, 'shake your cock at it and laugh'; good advice.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarWhile I'm at it ... I got an email from a piper friend a while ago saying that men who look at naked or near-naked young women on a regular basis (even just pictures apparently tho' I would say pictures are second-best) live longer and healthier. I find myself agreeing with the Mayor of Madrid (and David Herbert Lawrence too for that matter) that skinny girls somehow ... how to say it ... somehow remind me of little boys? Not quite ... but I hope you know what I mean - anyway, you be the judge. (the link to the Mayor won't last long so I shoved a copy in the Archive as well)

but seriously, in the Independent this morning, news from Jim Hansen, aka Dr. James E. Hansen of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, GISS: (Archive)
    15/09, Independent, Massive surge in disappearance of Arctic sea ice.
    a-and some related articles of interest (all in the Archive):
    15/09, Andrew Gumbel, Scientist who refused to be silenced.
    15/09/06, Independent, From Alaska to Australia, the world is changing.
    List of Hansen's Publications from the Goddard site.

He started (by the look of it) in the late 60s with studies of the atmosphere of the planet Venus. By 1976 he was starting in on Earth: Anthropogenic gases may alter our climate by plugging an atmospheric window for escaping thermal radiation; so he has been on the case for most of his professional life. This from 2005: Earth's energy imbalance: Confirmation and implications.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para Aumentar'They' tried to shut him up; he wouldn't be shut up; and here we are.

I am looking for the text of his actual remarks - as usual with Google, this is not easy (I could ask why not? but that is the subject for another post) ... OK, here we go, from February: 17/02, Jim Hansen, Climate Change: On the Edge (no longer on-line), but it is in the Archive, but that was February ... the remarks mentioned in the Independent article today were made Wednesday at the Climate Change Research Conference in Sacramento. Here it is (damn those Adobe pdf's!): Global Climate Change, Is There Still Time to Avoid Disastrous Effects? This is the collection of slides from his presentation, I am still looking for his actual words ... nope, it was WebCast but I can't find a copy anywhere ... yet, maybe someone will post it later ... I have asked the guys at Real Climate, maybe they will come through, wait and see ...

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