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Knee-Jerk (n): A presumtion that anything that offends somebody else is in its nature wrong, misplaced or in some other way incorrect; also see rash assumption (n)

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarInigo Wilson: A Lefty Lexicon.
Orange suspends blogger over his 'Lefty Lexicon'.
Orange, Inigo Wilson and freedom of speech.

In the process I had a look at the rhetoric on the Palestinian side - the soft middle of what moves the devotees at CUPE and the UCC. Airtight. Hermetically sealed. So much of this struggle, which enacts itself upon the ground of lovely human flesh, is ideology making everything into solipsisms, the snake eating its tail. On both sides of course - symmetry.

I am still stuck on the quote I found in the Globe last week: "If Hezbollah laid down its arms, there would be no war. If Israel laid down its arms, there would be no Israel." I like things succinct as well as the next man.

This seemed reasonable to me, 8 Lessons taken from the Israel/Hezbollah war:
18/08/06, Paul Heinbecker, Talk is mightier than the tank, (Archive).

I heard Gregerson of the UCC on the radio today - apparently they are continuing to split the hairs of their anti-semitism at the Thunder Bay meeting. Is it possible for a Jew and an Arab to dance on the head of a pin?

Here is their latest United Church of Canada 'official' vege-pap, or soylent green as the case may be: 18/08/06, United Church Adopts a Pro-Peace Investment Strategy for the Middle East. Anyone not following the 'development' of this ludicrous excuse for a policy or tactic or whatever it is supposed to be, might now at least possibly mistake it for something - for what I am not sure. Elvis has left the building; and the United Church has (simultaneously) swept him under the rug.

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