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Sarin - under control? yeah right

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Friday August 18 2006

Security Issues Surround Russian Nuclear Stockpile.

Wednesday August 16 2006

Check this out: Sarin Leak Found at Umatilla Depot, Original US Army Press Release.

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Maps: Ranier & Portland, Hermiston & Umatilla, Umatilla.

Sarin is a nerve gas invented by the Nazis during WWII, the Wikipedia entry tells you everything except how long it takes; took some searching to find that it takes 'a few minutes' meaning I guess 'it depends', doesn't always kill ya but does a permanent neurological number anyway; and oh yeah, they use rabbits not canaries ...

Sort of the opposite of Alzheimers - it ramps up the production of neuro-transmitter acetylcholine and the whole nervous system overloads, something like that.

It's short so I'll just paste it in here:

Sarin Leak Found at Umatilla Depot

Workers at the Umatilla Chemical Depot in Oregon on Friday detected a sarin nerve agent vapor leak inside a storage structure used to contain munitions that have previously been found leaking, the U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency said.

The structure used a passive filter system to prevent the escape of chemical vapor. Following the leak detection, the depot installed a powered filter.

Leaking weapons at Umatilla are placed in larger containers, and then moved to a “leaker” storage site that undergoes daily monitoring, according to an agency press release.

Just a thought but, what happens when the larger containers leak? How big do these containers get? And doesn't this all make the ultimate de-commissioning problematic?

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