domingo, julho 30, 2006

Uncle David thank you very much.

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Uncle David thank you very much.
Posted julho 30, 2006 11:06 PM by Blogger andre moraes /  

David, thank you very much.
I hope that you're having a good time in Canada.
Unfortunately we're a bit stuck here in Houston, Maybe you'll have a chance to visit us this year.
Otherwise we'll go to Canada next year. I'll have to renew my Visa and we know only the other side of Canada.

My friend you're a very wise man. Now I know why you complain so much about the Tower. I mean, they have some Job to do, but not really smart ones.

Anyway, you're a very special person, you're in our heart and we prey and hope that you're happy and having some fun.

Leti'cia has only 3 weeks now but she's very special too.

Anyway, you know that these firsts weeks are hard core. We didn't had much time to do anything else but I hope that we can call you ASAP.

Do you still have a SKYPE account, so them we can use voice & video?

Abraços meus e beijos da Ju e Leticia.