segunda-feira, janeiro 29, 2007

Stephen Lewis, NDP, Twaddle

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Here's the story: My sister heard Lewis giving the Massey Lectures on CBC Radio and liked what she heard and we discussed it. I cannot bear to look at the man, never could; cannot bear to hear his voice, never could; so she accused me of prejudging him - a possibility let's say.

In the airport yesterday looking for a book - and there he is! CBC Massey Lectures - Race Against Time, Stephen Lewis. A-and in a spirit of ... it is a bit complicated, maybe you can guess. So I bought it and read it between Montreal and Rio de Janeiro.


I do not normally mark up books with underlining and folding pages and what not. This one I marked up you bet. To think that I read Northrop Frye and Charles Taylor from the same editors. This Lewis is a drop out - and it certainly does show. So I marked it up ... and in the next while I will copy some bits of it here and post pictures and so on.


Not to mention the NDP - Nepotism is what brought them down according to what I read in this book - and we can only hope that Elizabeth May and the Greens will wipe them out.

More later ...

Stephen Lewis in Wikipedia.

He says:
"I've deliberately chosen anecdotes as the narrative vehicle, in order to give the pandemic an accessible face, rather than relying on the dehumanizing swamp of numbers." (page 46)

There was a third way - to present analysis and strategies - too deep for this trivial mind. I can't really be bothered with this anymore tonight. He cannot prioritize - I have to go back and find the evidence; and again and again he admits to simply indulging his emotions without positive effect.

Maybe I will come back to this ...

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