domingo, abril 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

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Alzheimer's in the news: 05/04/07, Sheryl Ubelacker, Memories may be made of this, Source; sounds like a movie I remember from the 60s, Charly, 1968, with Cliff Robertson and a mouse called Algernon ...

Charly Gordon: What's enough love?
Alice Kinnian: Always a little more than anyone ever gets.

Bishop Kevin DowlingA-and a crack in the facade of the Roman Catholic Church: 07/04/07, Stephanie Nolen, South African bishop defies Vatican on condoms, Source.

I found this presentation in the Boston College Webcast Archive and listened to it, worth the time - "AIDS and the Church of South Africa," with Bishop Kevin Dowling, Bishop of Rustenburg, South Africa: High Bandwidth Video, Low Bandwidth Video, Audio Only.

At the end some of the questioners make some good points against condom use, points which made me think a bit at least.

For what it's worth Good Friday was clear and sunny and hot here, Easter Sunday began that way too but went cloudy and ended with a rain storm, wind, and lightning.

JB Ecológico (the issue I am talking about, #63 was not on-line yet when I posted this link) published a 5th anniversary edition patting themselves heavily on the back - maybe they deserve it or maybe it is just rejoicing at survival or maybe it is something else.

A sort-of critique here: Cintia Rygaard: Ascensão, Declínio e Retomada do Verde na Mídia (from about the time of Issue #1 of JB Ecológico).

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