sexta-feira, junho 22, 2007

Nuclear Waste

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Up, Down.

"It is also relevant that, when viewed in terms of a geological time frame, human institutions and agreed plans are not necessarily reliable."
     UNEP Report.

A-and no one has anything but foggy notions of what to do with it really, do they?

     [Me, I said that ...]

UNEP Nuclear Waste
That's 4.2 to the 5th (5 zeroes) cubic metres of just the high-level shit and 1.8 to the 9th (9 zeroes! two BILLION more-or-less) cubic metres of so called low-level stuff I bet you would not want to drink.

The other interesting graphic in this report (2004 data) shows where they have it and where they don't - Only safe retirement real estate looks to be in Africa ... well OK, or Greenland or Australia.

Dig it.

UNEP: Nuclear Waste: Is Everything Under Control ? (damned pdf!)
UNEP Publications February 2007 (Source).

"In the United States [just in the United States he says - typical American ...] listening to money is the only way to secure re-election. And so an economy of influence bends public policy away from sense, always to dollars."
     Lawrence Lessig.