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Bankrupt !

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Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarFriday November 3 2006

All sorta reminds me of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe ... Milliways.

03/11/06, Ian Herbert & Colin Brown & Jonathan Brown, PM's vow to tackle global warming hit by plans to treble flights, (Archive).
30/10/06, Gerald Traufetter, The Climate Indulgence market, (Archive), Technorati Blogs.

Tuesday October 31 2006

31/10/06, Colin Brown & Rupert Cornwell, The day that changed the climate, (Archive).

Stern Review final report, you would think they could keep the techhies in line at least, technically this site shows all the signs of little boys playing ... the Report is cautiously optimistic, too optimistic for me.

Thursday October 26 2006

Canada reaping 8 times what the planet can support, no surprises.

Harmony or Horror? pick one ... and fairly soon.

The 'externalities' are starting to drive the show, leave the 13th Fairy off the dinner list at your peril.

WWF Living Planet Report 2006.

24/10, Tenille Bonoguore, Humans are ‘bankrupting' the environment, (Archive), Globe Forum.

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passa pelo meu blog, tem lá uma coisa qyue eu quero que vejas