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Muhammad Yunus / Grameen Bank of Bangladesh

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      Wikipedia - Micro Credit, Wikipedia - Muhammad Yunus.
      Grameen Foundation, Grameen Communications - Photos.
      The Nobel Peace Prize 2006.
      Universidad de Madrid - Honorary Degree Acceptance Speech 2004 (pdf).
      17/10, Padma Rau, Interview with Muhammad Yunus, (Archive), Technorati Blogs.

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I read this piece yesterday over breakfast and the thought that ran through my head as I was reading was simply - better no official policy whatsoever and no policy wonks to develop it, better no bureaucratic meddling and squandering: 16/10, Preston Manning, Mandela's dream has been unfulfilled, (Archive).

Then when I saw this today I thought I would have to make a post on the subject: 18/10, Alvaro Vargas Llosa, Enterprise is better than aid, (Archive).

Here's a silly rant for you: The Canadian government extorts upwards of 65% of every nickel earned and spent in this country and then squanders the proceeds. A national police force, the RCMP, which murders and sets up citizens for torture with impunity; senators who fly off to Dubai to spend tens of thousands of tax dollars on 'The Presidential Suite' in one of the best hotels there; total mismanagement and destruction of the Newfoundland fishery; truculence and inaction on Global Climate Change; refusal to deal with asbestos exports to the third world; the list just goes on and on and on and on - I am left asking if the politicians and bureaucrats do anything worthwhile beyond feed their familes? I never wanted either Unemployment Insurance (UI) or Employment Insurance (EI) - the name-change alone probably cost us billions - even Canadian Medicare that everyone likes to whine about is a racket.

60% of Canadians do not even have a passport. Fat, complacent, smug, self-righteous, and more-or-less unaware. Rush hour everywhere east of Alberta starts around 8:30 AM; in Ottawa and St. John's it peaks at 9:00 AM or so. In Edmonton the flood is at 6:30 AM and even then it is moving well. Alberta is effectively a separate country I guess?

Here's the dirt on the Canadian Senate in Dubai: 18/10, CP, CTV reveals senators' costly week in Dubai, (Archive).

And here they are (with email coordinates on their websites if you want) the: Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence:
      Colin Kenny, Chair.
      Michael A. Meighen, Deputy Chair.
      Norman K. Atkins.
      Tommy Banks.
      Larry W. Campbell (no longer on the committee).
      Joseph A. Day.
      Wilfred P. Moore.
      Marie-P. Poulin (Charette).
      Gerry St. Germain.

I emailed Tommy Banks - and he responded with a Press Release. I cannot find it on-line but I have posted it in the Archive.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para Aumentar19/10, Editorial, Why Bouchard is right, (Archive). It's not just Québec, it's the whole country except maybe Alberta, and Alberta is just a throwback to Texas and John Wayne, cashing in the oil riches God gave them for a mess of pottage.

Posted outubro 19, 2006 1:45 PM by Anonymous Martin /  

You complain that 60% of Canadians don't have passports and cast aspersions on their character. I had let my passport lapse until this year. I didn't need it to go to the U.S. I got one this year, but it's a major and expensive undertaking. $87 for the passport, $35 for a new birth certificate (the old ones from Quebec are no longer valid), $20 for pictures, what a scam, plus all sorts of photocopying and postage. I did it for my wife and 3 children as well - kids need separate passports. In all, well over $600 for some papers. In post-tax money for something that is really a right of citizenship.

Posted outubro 19, 2006 4:51 PM by Blogger David Wilson /  

not sure what your point is Martin, when i saw 'aspersions' i was waiting for a shot but then you went ahead to help prove my point, Bouchard got it right yesterday, Quebekers are generally ... um, well ... lazy? but then, so are the rest of them, k-k-Canadians that is

not you of course, and not me, but in general eh?

how about Canada Post - i paid 160$ for a change of address when i sold my house in St. John's, one for me and one for the company, couldn't do them on the same form, exorbitant

had to pay Workmen's Compensation 3 grand just to let me sell the house, nevermind the company never had an employee and as a Director i am not eligible for benefits, rip off