sexta-feira, outubro 06, 2006

RCMP, bungling incompetence & malice

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Naiveté, willful blindness or lies?

All of the above!

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    05/10, Gary Mason, Nation's trust in RCMP grows weaker.
    05/10, Rod Mickleburgh, Mistakes plaguing RCMP.
    05/10, Petti Fong, RCMP mistake halts B.C. sex case.
    06/10, Editorial, Liberal evasions on Arar.
    07/10, Terri Theodore, Mounties release internal memo.

A-and Stephen Harper tries to put the blame for Maher Arar on the Americans - an obvious ploy for a moral bankrupt, not even worth posting the details. Short-pants schoolyard politics while good people are destroyed.

Having beers with my son, discussing the coming doom - the short answer is, 'who cares?'

A sidelight; one of the Ottawa people who sticks up for our poor beleaguered Giuliano is Ben Soave, aka RCMP Chief Superintendent Benedetto Soave, allegedly a 'fondler' (Nina Iwanowich, a commercial crime corporal in Toronto, detailed the times that Chief Supt. Benedetto Soave would touch women, including the day he allegedly grabbed her "ass" - see the Leader Post: 18/05/06, Gary Dimmock, RCMP officers in a union?, (Archive) ... well, makes sense I guess - they are both Italian eh?

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