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Safia Ama Jan

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Safia Ama Jan, Ana Jan, Safia Amajan, Safia Ahmed-jan ... Safia Hama Jan, Hana Jan ... the list goes on. Part of the reason for this post is just to put up something unified in the midst of so much confusion.

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If she ever saw this blog she would very likely be horrified (of course). Naked women! Ai ai ai! So it goes ... she's on my honour roll (anyway).

Safia Ahmed-jan (Wikipedia).
Women and Leadership: Voices for Security and Development (%$#! pdf, see page 9).
Dyana Afghan Women's Fund.
IRIN: Kandahar women's affairs head assassinated.

from the Press back to 2004: (Archive)
    26/09, Kim Sengupta, The woman who defied the Taliban.
    26/09, Afghana.org, Les femmes du sud afghan devront voter.
    26/09, Kansas City Star, Women’s affairs director slain.
    26/09, Noor Khan, Educator shot dead by militants in Kandahar.
    25/09, Aljazeera, Afghan woman activist shot dead.
    25/09, USA Today, Gunmen kill director of women's affairs.
    25/09, Carlotta Gall, Gunmen Kill Afghan Women’s Advocate.
    25/09, BBC, Afghan women's official shot dead.
    25/09, Herald Tribune, Gunmen kill director of women's affairs.

    18/07/2005, Waheed, 23 Girls Graduate After 11 years.
    05/07/2005, Saeed Zabuli, 23 girls complete school after 11 years.
    27/09/2004, Sabawoon, Southern Afghan women urged to vote despite threats.

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