domingo, outubro 01, 2006

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva 2006

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Tuesday October 31 2006

30/10/06, Jens Glüsing, Working Class Hero, Wall Street Darling, (Archive), Technorati Blogs.

Ai ai, Jens Glüsing again ...

Sunday October 1 2006

Run-off coming on Sunday October 29.

Lula was sliding in the polls in the last week of the campaign - from 50 down to 45 - still looks like he will win but maybe on the second round. It becomes a bit of a crap shoot though, since Heloísa Helena (PSOL) and Cristovam Buarque (PDT) have about 10% between them which is more than the difference between Lula and Alckmin (PSDB). Emotional situation - anything could happen in the second round.

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Detailed Results (also in Portuguese): UOL Eleições 2006.

In the Press: (Archive)
    02/10, Harold Olmos, Brazil's leader forced into run-off election.
    01/10, Reuters, Com quase 94% de apuração, Lula cai para 49,06%.
    01/10, Fabio Alves & Andrew Barden, Lula Leads in Brazil Election, May Face Runoff.
    01/10, Terra/JB Online, Parcial: Lula tem 48,76% e Alckmin tem 41,43%.