quarta-feira, dezembro 20, 2006

Darfur, two more views

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No more pictures, thanks Blogger! Thanks Picasa/Hello! thanks Google! Merry Christmas to you all - and a lump of coal for ya! And, being the lazy reprobate that I am I will probably soon give up on the blog as well, since ... really it was the pictures I liked. OK, enough.

20/12/06, Peter Boehm, Darfur: Genocide without borders, (Archive).

02/10/06, Gwynne Dyer, No Genocide in Darfur, (Archive).

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Posted dezembro 21, 2006 12:51 AM by Anonymous M Laplante /  

You've run out of space for images? No one runs out of space on Blogger. How about if you use an image tag in html to refer to pictures that you host elsewhere? For example, you could open a new Blogger account just for pictures? And in the future, make pictures a little smaller or use some image compression before you post them. Nobody needs to see all those pixels.

Posted dezembro 21, 2006 2:41 AM by Blogger David Wilson /  

no Martin, not 'run out of space' - did I say run out of space? where did this notion come from? no, the software has stopped working. I don't know the 'real' reason but it looks to me like the new Blogger beta-version not dancing nicely with Hello, the Picasa photo-uploader; a little piece they call Bloggerbot

I spent an hour last weekend, several hours actually, re-loading Hello, doing as you suggest ... creating a new blog for photos, and so on ... and more! - but none of it worked, and the little bit of code I use for the pop-up photo window will not work with photos uploaded to the beta-version of Blogger either for some reason. I tried the Help, and the forums and what not, no reply ...

as for 'seeing all those pixels' - in a vain end-run on this non-software I was using the Blogger photo-upload (until it stopped working too) and it does not give you the option for reasonably sized thumbnails


I do know about IMG tags btw, duh!

Posted dezembro 21, 2006 6:46 PM by Blogger Eleses /  

I'm not in denial! http://www.savedarfur.org/content