terça-feira, dezembro 12, 2006

Grande Fóssil Canadense

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Bone heads! ... Dinosaurs! ... Extinct ...

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"The canadian minister of the Environment received the anti-prize "Big Fossil", from the Conference on Climate in Nairobi, for her country, one of the richest on the planet, having de-railed the Kyoto Protocol to reduce the greenhouse effect."
      Jornal do Brasil, Ecológico, 10 dezembro

From the Penticton Western News: (Archive)
     06/12, Stockwell Day, Constituency caught in winter’s icy grip.
     10/12, Wolf Depner, Inconvenient truth spoils MP’s punch-line.

From the Globe: (Archive)
     12/12, Bill Curry, This Day gets cold.
     12/12, Bill Curry, Ambrose feels the heat as blunders pile up.
     12/12, Jeffrey Simpson, The green revolution that Canada's missing.
     15/12, Jeffrey Simpson, Rona Ambrose has been left to ....

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